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Han So Hee becomes model for Balenciaga Spring 2023 collection with Nicole Kidman

Balenciaga has unveiled its Spring 2023 campaign centered around the Garde-Robe line.

The collection, which presents a new aspect of Balenciaga ready-to-wear, will be available in Balenciaga stores from December 2022.

First shown on the New York Stock Exchange’s floor as part of a collection worn by masked, anonymous models, Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 Garde-Robe campaign focuses on archetypal characters played by actresses Nicole Kidman, Isabelle Huppert, Han So Hee, models Bella Hadid and Khadim sock.

In photos by photojournalist Joshua Bright and videos by photographer Rosie Marks, the characters portrayed the extreme attitudes of business people, including boredom, aggression, overconfidence and self-indulgence, in a Manhattan office space.

Dressed in suits made of luxurious materials such as denim, wool, silk and gabardine, the models find fun and surprising ways to pass the time in this environment.

Han So Hee accidentally gets his nails done; Isabelle Huppert reads the numbers on the check over the phone and is agitated, then listens to a guided meditation; Bella Hadid sighs loudly as she taps her phone; Khadim Sock is reviewing a selfie; Nicole Kidman calls a friend to chat while eating cherries, and on another occasion breaks the equipment out of rage.

Photojournalist Joshua Bright details life around the world. Photographer Rosie Marks is a renowned artist who creates portraits that capture the unique characteristics of the people they photograph.

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