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Han So Hee stuns with her divine beauty in real life: slimmer and smaller face, no traces of tattoos

Han So Hee creates a visual explosion with his realistic visuals.

On November 8, Vogue Thailand fashion magazine released a video of their interview with Han So Hee. The video shows Han So Hee attending the Omega Global event held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Han So-hee

Han So Hee said: “Hello. I’m Han SoHee. I’m in Thailand for a party. Please look forward to it and show interest, and look forward to my interview.”

han so hee vogue

That day, Han So Hee exuded luxurious and sophisticated charm in a black vest and pants. Her smooth skin is also noteworthy, on which no traces of tattoos are visible. In addition, Han So Hee’s princess-like beauty, such as her slender arms and legs, petite face, and clear features, is unique.

han so hee vogue

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will appear in the Netflix original series “Gyeongseong Creature” alongside Park Seo Joon. The drama will be released in 2023.

source: Nate.


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