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“He comes from a rich family, so he donated 5.5 billion won?” Sean dismissed rumors of his generous donations to Jung Hye Young

Sean of Jinusean revealed the secret of the 5.5 billion won donation.

Sean appeared as a guest on TVN’s “You Quiz on the Block” which aired on November 23.

Sean has been spreading good influence for the last 17 years as a leading goodwill angel in the entertainment industry. Sean, who has recently been called a “social worker” or “donation angel,” said with a smile: “I call myself a ‘hip-hop singer’ wherever I am.”

In 2018, Sean led many celebrities such as Daniel Henney and Park Bo Gum to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Sean Quiz
Sean Quiz

What motivated Sean to start donating? Sean said:Don’t you think we should donate if we make a lot of money? I lived with that thought too.”

I was very happy with my wedding to Jung Hye Young. So the day after our wedding, I told my wife, “If we propose something big, it might not be sustainable, so let’s just share 10,000 wins a day for the rest of our lives, and my wife readily agreed.” In this way, she donated the money she had saved over the year to a homeless organization and started volunteering.”

Sean Quiz

Sean and his wife also canceled the savings they had saved up to buy a house for donation. Sean said “My wife is dating a child she is sponsoring in the Philippines, and when she saw the child’s life change with 35,000 won a month, she said the money would run out, so let’s put our dreams aside for a while and invest in children’s dreams . That’s how we started sponsoring 100 people.”

Sean Quiz

when asked “Some say, ‘How rich are Sean and Jung Hye Young that they can support them so much?’ Sean said:There were many theories that I was the son of a rich family. But that’s not it. I became independent from the ordinary family very early.”

he added, “I lived hard and many opportunities came up. Just because you can’t see it on TV doesn’t mean I’m not working. I came to live harder for these children. I see them as my own children receiving applause.

Sean Quiz

Two years ago, Sean’s total donation was 5.5 billion won. When asked “Aren’t you surprised to see the amount of donations you’ve collected yourself?“, Sean answered honestly, “I’m surprised too.”

He made a significant remark saying:Repeating small things creates incredibly big things.”

Sean Quiz

source: daum.


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