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He complains that the Japanese-dubbed version of “The Glory” spoils the viewers’ immersion

He complains that the Japanese-dubbed version of “The Glory” spoils the viewers’ immersion

Netflix’s The Glory, which depicts a revenge plan devised by a victim of school violence after reaching adulthood, is now a popular drama.

Among the many hot topics, the subject of the Japanese dubbed version of “The Glory” catches the attention of Internet users.

A video of the scene where Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) cheers for Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) who receives the award is being shared on Youtube, TikTok and other SNS sites.

In this scene, Moon Dong Eun screams “Fight, Park Yeon Jin”, “Bravo”, “You are amazing, Yeon Jin”, etc.and clapped the hands of Park Yeon Jin who receives the award at their old high school.


Seeing Moon Dong Eun’s strange behavior, Park Yeon Jin’s expression stiffens.

This is the scene where Park Yeon Jin looks embarrassed because Moon Dong Eun’s neat and clean manner makes her feel like someone is mocking her.

So how did Japanese viewers view this scene?

The verses dubbed by the Japanese voice actress for Moon Dong Eun sound like “Hwaito, Yonjin Park”, “Bravo”, “Yonjin, kakkoi”, etc.


Viewers who watched the Japanese-dubbed version compared them with the original Korean verses and responded that they wanted to watch the anime because “Japanese lines seem restrained (?)”.

Some commented “The lines sound too light in the dubbed version”, “The voice actress did not convey the mood of the scene”, “I heard that foreign viewers prefer to watch the dubbed versions. I hope they watch the original with subtitles instead, “Korean verses are much more emotional”, etc.

Lim Ji Yeon

Meanwhile, “The Glory” continues to gain traction after releasing part 1 last December, followed by part 2 on March 10. According to a report by FlixPatrol on the 16th, the drama topped the Netflix worldwide TV schedule on the 15th.

“The Glory” dominated the top spot in the Netflix TV show category in 42 countries such as Korea, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, etc.

Source: Insight


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