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“He was handsome all his life” … Kang Tae-oh’s high school graduation photos make fans flutter

Actor Kang Tae-oh’s high school graduation photos have been released.

On September 16, Internet user A posted some photos with the caption on Twitter “She was Kim Yoon-hwan before Kang Tae-oh. Graduation photos “. Kim Yoon-hwan is Kang Tae-oh’s real name. Then you could see his appearance.

kang tae about high school

Kang Tae-oh dressed neatly in his school uniform and stared blankly at the camera. From an early age, he boasted about his unwavering charisma, exuding the student atmosphere of the president.

His hairstyle was shorter than it is now. He shortened it to show the image like a member of a sports club.

kang tae about high school

In group photos that he took with his friends, he drew a heart or made a pose of a cup with flowers. You could see his cute side.

He definitely had an outstanding image among many students. He also showed his dignified figure.

kang tae about high school

Internet users left comments such as “He was handsome all his life.” “He’s like the captain of a sports club in a cartoon. He had to be popular. ”“ He’s really handsome. What is the difference between then and now? “…

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-oh will enter the 37th Division’s recruit training center located in Jinpyeong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, on September 20.

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