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Here is the first manga teaser of the character BT21 BTS J-Hope without the mask

Here is the first manga teaser of the character BT21 BTS J-Hope without the mask

In the previous episode “Inside Mang” BTS‘S J-Hope revealed why it’s time to remove BT21 mask of the hero and reveal his true face. Now it’s time for J-Hope to start designing what it really looks like under the hood!

Despite being unsure of his drawing skills, J-Hope sat down to create a real Manga project. As with the creation of BT21, the artist sat with him to help him if he needed ideas.

The staff pumped J-Hope up to make him feel more confident about his abilities – and it all started off great when he drew a perfect circle on Manga’s head!

One of the key points J-Hope wants in his design is heart-shaped mouth. Manga’s mask also has this detail as it is representative of J-Hope’s smile.

Then a member of staff gave him an idea to use wings like ears. While this is not a final sketch of what the ears will look like, J-Hope really liked this cool idea.

Then another essential part of Mang without a mask is possession brave eyes. Since taking off his mask is an act of courage, J-Hope wants to make sure that this strength of his is conveyed through his eyes.

As J-Hope progressed in design, he made sure to strike a balance between cleverness and boldness.

Another important aspect for J-Hope is not changing the Manga too much. It will be different, but not wildly different, so pick a similar type of animal like dinosaur may be in its best interest.

Reminds you again how important a cool and bold look is for Manga. We can definitely expect this cool and bad side of him to be a major part of his design!

J-Hope has been experimenting with various ideas that have not yet made it to the final version, such as changing the shape of the face…

… and even adding a mustache!

Eventually, J-Hope came up with some ideas and direction for the final Manga design. We can’t wait for the next steps in his design process!

Take a look at some of his designs here!

Watch the full video below.



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