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Here’s how the shy Jimin from BTS actually gets backstage

In real life, she is easily ashamed!

ARMY may never guess that even someone as sociable as BTS‘s Jimin I feel shy sometimes!

Fans got a sneak peak at the cute moment from Jimin during the last group Proof sale. Jimin was ready to take some backstage photos for Instagram but couldn’t J-Hope around!

Jimin resumed his mini photoshoot after J-Hope promised not to look …

… But when their eyes accidentally met, they both burst out laughing!

As Jimin regained his composure, another distraction ensued.

This time, V and Jin penetrated the room …

… And Jin wasn’t just going to pass! Before leaving, Jin made one last joke in which Jimin took pictures.

In the last photo on Instagram, you’ll never know how shy Jimin really is …

| @ jm / Instagram

… But judging from J-Hope’s comment, it was a fun experience they will remember!

However, Jimin’s shyness goes beyond taking pictures in front of the members. Even watching his own passionate performance brought out his shyness.

Sometimes even BTS members flinch at each other!

Watch the full video below.



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