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Here’s what current and former MBLAQ members are capable of after seven years

MBLAQ made his debut in 2009 under J. Tune campsubsidiary J.Tune Entertainmentwhich was founded by a first-generation solo artist Rain.

(Top row, left to right) Joon and Mir MBLAQ (Bottom row, left to right) Seungho, Thunder and GO

With Rain as a mentor, the group’s debut was highly anticipated and the band did not disappoint with their hard-hitting and catchy debut song “Oh Yeah” along with their disgusting 2009 music video.

The group consisted of five talented members, the leader Seungho, Mir, Joon, TO GOand Thunder. They actively promoted as five until 2014, when Joon and Thunder left the group, and the other three members released their eighth and final MBLAQ mini-album in 2015.

(left to right) Seungho, GO and Mir. MBLAQ

Although the group has not formally been disbanded, they have been inactive since 2015 following mismanagement by their company.

Here’s what members have been doing lately!

1. Seungho

Seungho MBLAQ in September 2022 | @ mblaqsh106 / Instagram

In 2017, it was announced that Seungho had signed a contract with Is entertainmentwhere he pursued an acting career. He completed his military service in 2019 and was active in a musical theater, performing, among others Love in the rain from 2016-2017, Another Miss Oh in 2020, and this summer he starred in a musical Increase the volume.

2. Miru

Mir MBLAQ in April 2021 | @ 91_mir_0310 / Instagram

Mir from MBLAQ has talked about his time in the group in numerous interviews since the beginning of his hiatus, revealing in 2019 how much the money he earned as an idol and what he did to continue make money.

He currently has a YouTube channel with his sisters, Bang Hyo Sun and actress Go Eun Ahwhich they update frequently.

3. Go

GO MBLAQ (right) with wife, actress Choi Ye Seul (left) in September 2022 | @ jung_g_o / Instagram

GO MBLAQ made his debut as a broadcast jockey on AfreecaTV in 2018 and consistently gained an impressive number of fans, earning over $ 25,000 in the first week.

He often streams with his wife and actress Choi Ye aloneand described their relationship via live broadcasts.

4. Joon

Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon

Since leaving MBLAQ in 2014, Joon has continued the acting career he began prior to his MBLAQ debut, earning a lead role in a film Netflix Original Quiet sea and TVN and the historical drama of Netflix Bulgasal: Immortal Souls in 2021. This year he performed in KBS2 historical drama Bloody Heart.

5. Thunder

Former member of MBLAQ Thunder

Thunder, also known as Park Sung HyunHe joined Mystical entertainment pursue a music career in 2015 but departed in 2018 to start his own label, Lighthouse. In 2019, he opened a YouTube channel that regularly updates with content such as vlogs and dance covers. His films have since become private.

Thunder recently became more active on his Instagram account and posted his photos to a recording studio, suggesting new music might be in the works!


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