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Here’s why ‘The Glory’ actor Kim Gun Woo had to tie his hair up in the drama

Here’s why ‘The Glory’ actor Kim Gun Woo had to tie his hair up in the drama

Kim Gun Woo, who played Son Myung Oh in the hit Korean drama “The Glory”, attracted attention with his unique hairstyle.

Recent photos revealed that the actor’s hair is actually quite long and thick, which is why he had to tie it up for the role.

Netizens are mesmerized by Kim Gun Woo’s hair transformation over the years, from the cut to the ponytail and everything in between. The actor’s hairstyle seems to change his aura drastically.

Although Son Myung Oh in “The Glory” was already quite an intense character, fans were surprised to see how much his hairstyle influenced Kim Gun Woo’s overall image.

Netizens who saw photos of Kim Gun Woo’s different hairstyles expressed admiration for the actor’s versatility. They were amazed at how different he looked with different hairstyles and some even wondered who he was in some of the photos.

Kim Gun Woo rose to fame for his role in “The Glory” as Son Myung Oh, a bully who tormented Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo. Despite being part of a group of bullies, Son Myung Oh was ranked lowest and was often given menial tasks by Jeon Jae Joon, played by Park Sung Hoon. However, she unexpectedly helps Moon Dong Eun get revenge on her tormentors.

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In addition to his unique hairstyle, Kim Gun Woo also made a strong impression on viewers with his character’s bold and fearless personality, which is also reflected in his choice of wardrobe.

“The Glory” tells the story of Moon Dong Eun’s lifelong revenge against the people who made her suffer as a child. The first part of the drama was released in December 2020, and the second part on March 10, 2023.

Despite its recent release, “The Glory” has already garnered considerable attention, topping Netflix’s “Today’s Top 10 Series” list in South Korea just four days after its release.

Source: Wikitree.


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