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Hidden co-creator of ‘The Glory’ revealed: Go Song Hye Kyo’s teacher turns out to be Yoon Se Ah’s mother

Hidden co-creator of ‘The Glory’ revealed: Go Song Hye Kyo’s teacher turns out to be Yoon Se Ah’s mother

Yoon Se Ah draws attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes story behind the Go game, a vital role in the Netflix drama The Glory.

On March 15, Yoon Se Ah shared a black and white photo of her mother when she was young wearing a graceful dress.

Yoon Se Ah wrote:For the first time, I watch the end credits endlessly. My mother’s name suddenly hits my heart,” as the end credits of “The Glory” appear.‘”

In the revealed credits, it reads: “Go Advisory: Korea Baduk Association: Yoo Kyung Min, Jeong Jae Woo, Ha Ho Jung, Kim Sang Soon.

Yoon se ah

In “The Glory”, the main character Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, learns to play Go in order to approach Park Yeon Jin’s (Lim Ji Yeon) husband, Ha Do Yeong (Jung Sung Il), as part of her revenge plan .

She learns Go from Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) in a park near the school and eventually manages to get Ha Do Yeong’s attention, thus shaking Park Yeon Jin’s family and gaining a clue to her revenge.

The person who taught Song Hye Kyo Go off-screen in this important scene was none other than Yoon Se Ah’s mother, professional Go player Kim Sang Soon.

Yoon se ah

Yoon Se Ah wrote:My mother, the first national Go champion who spent her entire life in the world of Go, participated in the Go tutorial for “The Glory”. As I watch Dong Eun play Go closely, I notice my mother’s youthful appearance“.

Yoon Se Ah’s mother, Kim Sang Soon, is a professional Go player who won the first National Women’s Go Championship in 1974.

Yoon Se Ah continued:I treasured the unique patterned ring my mother wore to every major game. Today, I gently took out the ring and, touching it, I imagined my mother’s life.” She unveiled a ring with a unique design that her mother wore in every game.

Yoon se ah

Yoon Se Ah added:My mother, who still teaches Go to children and says she is happy. She said that even if she were born again, she would like to play Go. I am proud of her. I respect and love her.

Many colleagues admired Yoon Se Ah’s post. Shin Da Eun replied:Your mom is amazing“, and Ha Jae Suk commented: “Thank you for giving birth to such a beautiful and warm daughter.

Meanwhile, Yoon Se Ah is known to have a high level of Go skills influenced by her mother. In 2009, she also narrated the documentary Go.

source: daum.


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