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Highlight’s admirable career, once a JYP intern, now has his business in an old JYP building

K-pop group Highlight (formerly BEAST) is gaining attention for their astounding zero-to-hero career.

In 2016, all members of the famous Kpop group BEAST split from Cube Entertainment, dropping the group name. In 2017, the group officially changed its name to Highlight and even founded Around Us Entertainment to manage its own business.

Now the company is flourishing, and Highlight still maintains its popularity and amazing achievements after all these years. They also move into the old JYP building in the Cheongdam district, making it the new headquarters of Around Us.


For the members of Highlight, this is an extremely significant feat considering that Doo Joon, Yo Seob and Dong Woon were JYP trainees and spent their days in the same building. Although they later moved to Cube, the old JYP building still holds many memories.

Now they are back with the agency they founded and sit as bosses in the same building where they dreamed of becoming an idol.


On the other hand, BEAST, now known as Highlight, took the Kpop scene by storm with various hits such as “Fiction”, “Plz Don’t Be Sad”, “On Rainy Days” and many more. The group recently released the “After Sunset” EP in November 2022.


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