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“HOOK – CEO Kwon Jin Young’s Kingdom”… The reason why Lee Sun Hee and Lee Seung Gi were helpless

Founded in 2002, HOOK Entertainment has announced a smooth start with Korean diva Lee Sun Hee as a representative artist. HOOK’s current CEO, Kwon Jin Young, was initially hired as Lee Sun Hee’s manager. Over the past two decades, she has also entered the real estate industry and worked hard to develop the company’s brand.

In terms of size, HOOK is a small to medium-sized company, but has gained national fame with famous artists such as Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee. This success, of course, does not depend solely on luck, but is also the result of the hard work of the artists and management staff. In the entertainment industry, HOOK is Korean entertainment known for its solid loyalty between the artists and the company’s employees.

CEO Kwon was a broad-minded, determined and loyal person who ruled her “realm” as CEOs of Lee Sun Hee and Lee Seung Gi for over 20 years. Aside from the stumbling block scandals, it’s true that HOOK wouldn’t have been successful without the input of CEO Kwon. He clearly has an eye for making roads for the stars and growing the business.

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However, in addition to the rumors that Lee Seung Gi received 0 wins in music revenue from HOOK, the transcript confirming Kwon’s slip, published by Dispatch, shows that things have changed.

CEO Kwon once promised great success based on a destined meeting of three people after Lee Sun Hee discovered Lee Seung Gi. Many years have passed, and CEO Kwon, whose wealth and power has already increased enormously, has changed. CEO Kwon’s vehement remarks in a transcript posted on November 23 were enough to prove suspicions of a power-off and the presumption that CEO Kwon had independently become the most powerful person in HOOK.

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It is highly likely that CEO Kwon’s influence has grown significantly over the past decades, building an image of a loyal family for HOOK. The fact that CEO Kwon was acquiring buildings and increasing the company’s assets thanks to her excellent view of real estate must have been the main way to keep the mouth shut for all employees. First of all, because HOOK is a small company with few employees, the problem is the increasing influence of the CEO.

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On the same day, the reporter turned YouTuber also revealed that he supported the Dispatch report. As such, Lee Sun Hee was unable to speak on HOOK’s management issues. It was only after the police raid on HOOK that Lee Sun Hee belatedly learned of the problem. The YouTuber claimed that “national singer” Lee Sun Hee failed to surpass CEO Kwon’s power and their relationship is not going well.

If so, what’s the point of holding Lee Sun Hee accountable for Lee Seung Gi’s 18-year slave contract? According to a series of reports and testimonies, the artists were just employees controlled by the CEO.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi, who has not received any income tax returns for 18 years, was born in 1986 and is relatively young compared to those under the HOOK management system. If all the testimonies were true, Lee Seung Gi would endure CEO Kwon for a long time and look for ways to improve the behavior of the CEO. However, according to Lee Seung Gi’s stance, his 18-year loyalty and trust to HOOK and CEO Kwon has been broken, and now the most important thing for him is to expose the unfair deal. The Lee Seung Gi fandom also started protesting HOOK, showing huge support for the actor. Most of the public sympathizes with Lee Seung Gi’s injustice and seems to be on his side.

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