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House of the Dragon fans believe they have diagnosed King Viserys

House of the Dragon viewers say they have developed a disease that affects King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine).

For the first four episodes of the hit Game of Thrones spin-off, the king’s health is slowly declining, and the exact nature of his condition is not much studied on the show.

However, some fans say they figured out what was wrong with him – and it’s not what many have believed, dragon pox.

Spoilers for House of the Dragon may follow …

While some viewers believed that it was in fact the fictional dragon pox disease that Viserys suffered from, the symptoms don’t quite match up. Most importantly, it is well known that dragon pox is highly contagious, while Viserys’s ailment does not appear to be.

So what causes wounds on the back and blackened fingers? Well, some viewers have concluded that the Iron Throne itself could be behind it.

In the first episode, Viserys mentions that he received “a small cut from the seat on the throne.”

Viewers have shared their diagnoses on social media, but one seems particularly likely: a condition known as “necrotizing fasciitis.”

According NHS website, necrotizing fasciitis can lead to black blisters on the skin and may require surgery to remove the infected area.

“I wonder what’s wrong with Viserys, as in today’s medical terms, or if it’s a fictional disease,” wrote one Twitter user. “I do not remember anything in Fire + Blood or Wola F.. At first I thought it was staphylococcal infection, then necrotizing fasciitis, but are any of them moving that slowly?

Paddy Considine as King Viserys in “House of the Dragon”


“Viserys got lmaoo necrotizing fasciitis,” someone else wrote.

As a metaphor, it may not be the subtlest, but it feels like the Iron Throne may be what is killing old Viserys.

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House of the Dragon every Sunday night on HBO in the US and early Monday in the UK on Sky and NOW.


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