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How CEO Kwon Jin Young Controlled Lee Seung Gi, ‘Gaslighting’ Horror

“What’s wrong with Lee Seung-gi?” This has to be the most asked question after Lee Seung Gi’s abuse story for 18 years was announced.

“Lee Seung Gi is no fool. Does that make sense?” In fact, Dispatch couldn’t believe it at first. So we compared (pulling all-nighters) almost all of his deposits and withdrawals. But indeed, the settlement related to his songs he received was 0 wins.

Why on earth did Lee Seung Gi do this? All in all, it’s a gaslighting horror.

Lee Seung Gi miniature

Lee Seung Gi has quite a large income from dramas, variety shows and commercials. His appearance fee is quite high. Of course, the accounting for this part was made and given to him accurately. Lee Seung Gi was happy with his income. That’s why he didn’t want to challenge the company just to hear it “You’re a minus singer.”

Manager Lee Seung Gi explained this part in detail.

Lee seung gi hook ent kwon jin young

He reported that the CEO always said: “You are a minus singer. Your fans don’t spend money, but they still demand. You make a lot of money doing something else. Just think of singing as a fan service. Since she brainwashed him in this way, from Lee Seung Gi’s point of view, he would rather not be scolded than receive money.

Manager Lee Seung Gi showed a chat box he had with CEO Kwon Jin Young to prove the oppression, surveillance, and loss of power they went through.

lee seung gi hook ent

“Just use your personal credit card”

“What the hell is wrong with parking fees?”

“Seung Gi is such a mess because you act like this”

Of course, there are times when CEO Kwon Jin-young is nice. Especially when her surbodiantes are on personal matters.

lee seung gi hook ent

“Take XX and 2 cards and go to Burberry and pay for clothes. That’s 300, so take two cards.

After the publication of the article about Lee Seung Gi’s 18 years of slavery, reports began pouring in from various sources. According to the employees of the brand L store, every time she appears, the staff tells herself to be silent and not to ask her a question. Another employee said he was returning the Ferrari when Kwon finished shopping, but suddenly she shouted: “Hey, you XX. you get off. Why are you making noise when I pass by? You made me feel threatened. Tell all staff to leave.

lee seung gi hook ent

L employees said “He’s President Hook.” Nobody can say anything because she spends a lot here.

Finally, let’s go back to November 17. This is the day CEO Kwon Jin Young urgently convened the directors and managers of the agency after Lee Seung Gi uploaded his proofs of content.

Manager Lee Seung Gi was wondering how to protect himself at the time, so he entered the meeting with a voice recorder on. Let’s hear this.

lee seung gi hook ent

Why was Lee Seung Gi attacked? Gaslighting is so scary.

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