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How do idols handle members’ fights so that fans won’t notice them? Red Velvet reveals Seulgi

How do idols handle members’ fights so that fans won’t notice them?  Red Velvet reveals Seulgi

How do idols behave when they fight with members of the group? Red Velvet Seulgi hinted at Red Velvet showing professionalism amid disagreement by doing THIS.

Red Velvet Seulgi shares an anecdote about members’ disagreement – how do idols deal with fights?

Red Velvet Seulgi, which just released its solo debut album “28 Reasons,” appeared as a guest on YouTube’s online entertainment program “K-Star Next Door 2” on November 8.

There, the soloist brought up various stories about her internship, Red Velvet, as well as her album, talking to MC Jonathan.

In her stories, Seulgi mentioned how idols deal with members’ fights, building on their experiences with Red Velvet, who are already in their eighth year as a team. In particular, Jonathan asked the star:

“Have you ever been angry with the members?”

(Photo: Seulgi (News1)

Seulgi replied:

“Strangely, I fight the members. I have fought every single one of them. Not like that … (physically) but verbally.”

Like ordinary people, Seulgi reported that members don’t usually talk to each other for days. But idols are certainly a special case as most of them live together and do classes as a group.

Regarding how they handle fights between members to avoid being noticed by fans, Seulgi revealed:

“We felt very uncomfortable. We move away from each other, avoid eye contact, or just look at the camera and say hi.

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(Photo: Red Velvet (News1))

However, Seulgi noted that this is normal because trouble is inevitable if you live together. Jonathan continued to delve into the subject and asked:

“When you come to the broadcast, you’ll be asked,” You’re the best of friends, aren’t you. “

Seulgi then played her supposed answer again, eliciting a laugh. She replied:

“Ah (nods) ha.ha.”

Seulgi explained:

“The fans are watching us. You don’t want them to notice it.

Red velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet Twitter)
Red velvet

But instead of avoiding each other, Seulgi shared some wise tips as an 8-year-old idol on how to deal with fights between members.

“So we have to come to terms quickly. We talk to each other directly. “Have I done something bad to you? We know each other by looking into each other’s eyes.

During the broadcast, Seulgi also spoke about what her group meant to her, especially when she decided to make her solo debut.

“Members give me a lot of strength. There are members who made their solo debuts. We give and share our own advice.”

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(Photo: Facebook: Red Velvet)

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(Photo: aespa on Twitter)

During the broadcast, Seulgi also mentioned younger idols that she was aware of.

When asked about the group of girls that caught her eye, she chose the Aespa. She showed her affection by saying that she worked alongside members Karina and Winter as part of the Got the beat project group.

As for the idols who “flirt” with her, Seulgi mentioned ITZY Chaeryeong and (G) I-DLE Yuqi. She revealed her feelings saying:

“I appreciate it. They say they want to be friends with me and say how cool I am. “

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(Photo: ITZY Twitter)
ITZY Chaeryeong


(Photo: Instagram: @ yuqisong.923)
(G) I-DLE Yuqi

In fact, he is very close to Chaeryeong. As for Yuqi, Seulgi confessed that they had already bumped into each other but had not yet spoken. Accordingly, the singer “Bad Boy, Sad Girl” left a message for her:

“You are so sweet and adorable. But we have no chance to talk to each other, Yuqi. Let’s meet, talk and spend some time as friends. Let’s fight!”

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