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How was Kim Ye-won’s drastic transformation and close chemistry with Hwang Jung-min in “Narco-Saints”?

Actress Kim Ye-won gave viewers a new surprise with the Netflix series “Narco-Saints”.

Narco-Saints”, Released on September 9, is a drama about a civilian who was falsely accused of being a drug lord in Suriname, a South American country accepting a secret NIS mission. Since its launch on September 9, the series has grown to reach number one in countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

Kim Ye-won he played the role of the wife in the story and showed a close chemistry with Jeon Yo-hwan (played by Hwang Jung-min), the godfather of drugs disguised as a pastor of the Korean Church.

The wife was paid to help with Jeon Yo-hwan’s deceptive behavior and showed a strong presence as she was also addicted to drugs. The way she blended her acting into the characteristics of her role was markedly different from her previous acting.

Its remarkable transformation is considered successful. Kim Ye-won skillfully stole a scene in an early part of “Narco-Saints” playing the character of the Wife, which allowed her to show different aspects in a short time.

Kim Ye-won plans to continue her acting career, including the premiere of “Oh My Kiss,” in which she will play the lead role, after “Narco-Saints.”

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