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Hurricane Fiona – Latest: Puerto Rico Suffers Island-Wide Power Outage As 80mph Storm Strikes Land


Puerto Rico suffered a complete blackout when the newly upgraded Hurricane Fiona landed on the island at 3:20 PM local time on Sunday.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi said Sunday afternoon that the electrical system in the US was “out of service due to a hurricane” that has affected nearly 1.5 million households.

Hours later, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that Fiona had reached the island itself with 85 mph winds.

Forecasts fear that Fiona, who was moved into a hurricane on Sunday morning, will hit Puerto Rico with “historic” rains, winds, flash floods and mudslides.

The NHC said it expected rainfall of 16 inches or more and warned: “These rains will result in life-threatening flash floods and urban flooding in Puerto Rico and the eastern Dominican Republic, as well as mudslides and landslides in higher terrain areas.”

Stay tuned for updated Hurricane Fiona news below.


Hurricane Fiona as seen from space

United States National Weather Service has published breathtaking satellite footage of Hurricane Fiona as it passes over Puerto Rico.

The video clip was composed of numerous snapshots taken by the government’s operational and environmental geostationary satellite system (GOES), consisting of four satellites in constant orbit at fixed points above the equator.


The videos show flooded streets and the airport runway

Here are some videos of how the hurricane affects Puerto Rico by Antilles photographer Gérald Deliscar-Jourdan.

One clip shows the completely flooded runway at Mercedita International Airport near Ponce on the island’s south coast, while another shows a city street submerged in what looks like 2-3 feet of water.

This is a video from San Juan Radio StationWKAQ 580muddy waters of flooding rushing under a bridge somewhere in Puerto Rico.


Evacuations begin in the Dominican Republic

According to data from aid agencies in the Dominican Republic, evacuations of residents from high-risk areas in the east of the country have begun. Reuters.

President Luis Abinader delayed his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and the start of the school year was postponed from Monday to Wednesday.

Puerto Rico resident Denise Rios, who lives in the southwestern city of Hormigueros, said Reuters that around noon she lost power to her house when rain and strong gusts of wind began to hit.

“It hasn’t ended since then,” she said. “It’s raining heavily and the wind is blowing hard. I am calm but vigilant. “


Fiona is now halfway to the Dominican Republic

Hurricane Fiona’s eye is currently about 40 miles west of Puerto Rico, roughly halfway between US territory and the Dominican Republic, US officials say.

In its latest newsletter tonight, USA National Hurricane Center The (NHC) said that “heavy rainfall and catastrophic flooding continue in large parts of Puerto Rico.”

The current maximum sustained wind speed of the storm is 85 mph, with higher gusts, and this is expected to grow stronger. Hurricane force winds extend to about 30 miles beyond the eye, and tropical storm force extends up to 140 miles.

This now puts Puerto Rico out of the worst of the winds, and the Dominican Republic is now in Fiona’s target.


All flights to US Virgin Islands canceled

For obvious reasons journey in the caribbean it is very disturbed. According to the information, all flights to the US Virgin Islands on Sunday have been canceled TravelPuls, while the US Coast Guard closed all sea ports on the islands.

The US Virgin Islands lie approximately 67 miles east of Puerto Rico and record sustained wind speeds of 45mph with gusts up to 75mph and expected rainfall up to six inches.

This is nothing compared to what Puerto Rico is currently seeing: forecasters say the island can see up to 30 inches of rain and maximum steady winds of almost 85 miles per hour.


Hurry up to protect life and property

Here’s a closer look at NHC the latest update about Hurricane Fiona.

“Hurricane conditions are present in parts of Puerto Rico and are expected in parts of eastern Dominican Republic tonight and Monday,” the agency said on Sunday evening, adding that (less intense) “tropical storm conditions” would reach parts of the Republic “within the next few hours.” .

How does it look on earth? NHC warns of a combination of “storm tides” and tides that will cause normally dry areas near the shoreline to be flooded by rising waters.

Similar conditions are expected in the Dominican Republic, where waters can rise up to 3 feet above the usual tall driving signs.

“Preparations to protect life and property should be advanced to the end,” said the NHC.


“The damage we observe is catastrophic”

Puerto Rico officials have described “catastrophic” damage as Fiona sweeps the island.

“The damage we’re seeing is catastrophic,” said the governor Pedro Pierluisi. “I urge people to stay in their homes,” said William Miranda Torres, mayor of the city of Caguas, which is said to have suffered landslides.

The electricity failure apparently persists and the island’s electricity transmission and distribution company Luma says: “The current weather conditions are extremely dangerous and make it difficult for us to assess the situation.”

The company added that power may not be fully restored for several days.

This has left many health centers and basic services running on generators, and residents said Nov 13 Tampa that the birds on the island were “nowhere to be seen”, apparently hiding from the storm.


One death so far related to Hurricane Fiona

There was one death reported so far that it was related to Hurricane Fiona when authorities in Guadeloupe reported that a man was found dead after his home was swept away by floods.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared a state of natural disaster on Sunday morning, authorizing aid funds (Guadeloupe is an overseas province of France).

Unfortunately, there is a high probability that the death toll will increase today.


Fiona is now headed to the Dominican Republic

According to the NHC, Hurricane Fiona’s eye has cleared Puerto Rico and is now headed for eastern Dominican Republic.

In its latest newsletter about half an hour ago, a US agency reported that the center of the storm is now about eight miles west of Puerto Rico and is heading northwest at about 9 miles per hour.

This puts the center on track to cross the Republic tonight and all day Monday, before Tuesday’s approaching the Turks and Caicos Islands.

But that doesn’t mean Puerto Rico is out of the forest. Conditions remain extremely dangerous, with hurricane-force winds 30 miles from the eye and tropical winds up to 140 miles.

The NHC now says there will be “catastrophic violent eruptions and urban floods” in Puerto Rico and the eastern Dominican Republic.


Gusts of up to 103mph in Ponce

It looks ugly over there. This footage of Brett Adair chasing the storm shows hurricane winds blowing clouds of debris from rooftops and parking lots as Fiona lands on land.

Weather channel meteorologist Mike Seidel also shared a video of what he called the 103 mph blasts Pimpcity ​​on the south coast of Puerto Rico.


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