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“I thought he was using the app …” Han So-hee, who put an end to the real face controversy right after his debut

Earlier photos of actress Han So-hee caught the attention of Internet users.

September 11 post entitled “The Instagram star that ended the real face controversy”Was uploaded to theqoo internet community.

han so hee miniature

The post featured photos posted by Han So-hee on Instagram in the past. The Internet user who posted these photos added, “When Han So-hee was an Instagram goddess, comments like” This is never her real face “,” She used the app “,” She picked the right angle “… But the controversy ended with the first photo after her debut. “

han so hee miniature
Han So hee is a pre-debut

Other Internet users who saw photos of Han So-hee commented: “Han So-hee has a special atmosphere”, “I didn’t know he was a goddess on Instagram”, “With these traits, she will also look good in historical dramas” …

Han So hee is a pre-debut

Meanwhile, it was reported that Han So-hee was hospitalized with an eye injury while filming the drama “Gyeongseong Creature” on August 3.

The agency said: “Fortunately, it’s not a serious injury so I don’t need any suturing or surgery. She is now being treated and resting. “

Source: wikitree


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