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“I will beat my husband, who is featured in ‘2 Days & 1 Night'” … Han Ga-in takes up new challenges to become the “queen of entertainment”

Actress Han Ga-in is striving for the title of “Queen of Entertainment”.

Han Gainwhich recently reopened for the first time in four years since the 2018 drama “Mistress”, has appeared in a series of entertainment programs with a wide variety of themes.

Her first choice for a leap forward is SBS’s new entertainment show Sing For Gold, which will start airing on September 25. This show will show the choir formation process by singer Park Jin-young, composer Kim Hyung-seok, singer Lee Mu-jin and dancer Lia Kim to challenge the International Choir World Cup with Han Ga-in being the choir director. He is also the host of the audition for the choir.

Since “Sing For Gold” was broadcast at the same time as KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” starring Han Ga-in’s husband Yeon Jung-hoon, viewers are excited to “fight in pairs”. “. ”In broadcasting. Via the official SBS YouTube channel, Han Ga-in said, “I will work hard to make the show as good as” 2 days 1 night “which many viewers have loved for a long time, adding,” I really want to beat my husband. “, Expressing a desire for victory.

Moreover, she said: “This is my only “entertaining character” in the program “, actively participating in various promotional videos. Later, Han Ga-in will also appear on the MBC lecture program “Greco-Roman Myths – The Private Life of the Gods.”

Han Ga-in is getting a lot of attention as the actress makes amazing moves that are completely different from before from her debut in 2002 to 2018, when she appeared in various dramas such as KBS 2TV’s Terms of Endearment, “SBS” Witch Yoo Hee ”, MBC“ Moon Embracing the Sun ”etc. Han Ga-in is known to be interested in entertainment programs that allow her to have free time to raise two children aged 3 and 6. After making headlines earlier this year for her amazing sense of entertainment through YouTube content “MMTG” and “Circle House” SBS, Han Ga-in discussed her appearance with various entertainment teams.

Before starting her full entertainment business, Han Ga-in opened a new personal SNS account earlier this month. Judging the channel needs to communicate directly with viewers, it is now managing the account on its own.

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