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Illustrator Lee.K introduces THIS member of BTS at the Paris art exhibition; He discovers reasons to admire

Illustrator Lee.K introduces THIS member of BTS at the Paris art exhibition;  He discovers reasons to admire

Two exemplary and legendary Korean artists in one frame!

Lee Killust, also known as Lee.K, is a South Korean illustrator known for his grayscale art, which is the product of a combination of oil paint, charcoal, ink and pencil. Besides, the artist has gained double popularity because he often chooses THIS member of BTS as the muse of his portrait.

Thanks to his talented hands, Lee.K has been named “The 22 Best Artists To Watch 2022” by Singulart, a contemporary art and furniture design website based in Paris, France.

Can you guess who of the seven members of BTS is the muse of Lee.K’s art? Stay tuned to this article to find out who and why Lee.K selected this member.

Lee.K presents his portraits with THIS member of the BTS; It reveals reasons to be admired

On August 29, 2022, one of South Korea’s top artists, Lee.K, was given the opportunity to join the Focus Art Fair “Boom” in Paris, France. Thus, he gains a place to exhibit his works from 1 to 4 September at the Carrousel du Louvre.

At this art fair, Lee.K decided to exhibit his works fired up by BTS lead singer and lead dancer Park Jimin (professionally known as Jimin).

According to reports from Korean media, Focus Art Fair even used a portrait of Jimin Lee.K as the front of its official flyers to promote the exhibition, thus attracting a gigantic crowd who was interested in visiting the art fair.

(Photo: Official website of Focus Art)

In an interview, the illustrator shared why he chose Jimin as a frequent subject of his portraits.

Since his artworks seek to depict human faces in order to emphasize human emotions, Lee.K became interested in and invested in immersing himself in the narratives of real people. Lee.K has mentioned that he appreciates Jimin and considers personal appreciation for someone or something as an important starting point for creating expressive artwork.

By the way, he shared that whenever having Jimin as his muse, the art course becomes “more enjoyable”.

Naturally charismatic and gorgeous, Jimin impressed Lee.K not only because he is a member of BTS. Instead, Lee.K appreciated Jimin as a person in general for his “unique charms.”

The illustrator cited that after hearing the songs, BTS immediately fell in love with Jimin’s charms as lead dancer and vocalist, gaining a refinement that blended eastern and western beauty.

“Every angle of his face has a different personality and gives a different charm depending on the lighting and expression.” – Lee.K, korea.net

Seeing his Jimin collections of art, ARMYs couldn’t help appreciating how Lee.K uses Jimin’s imperfections in art.

Lee.K with a portrait of Jimin

(Photo: Instagram || @leekillust)

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Thousands of ARMYs attending art fairs

Jimin’s portrait captured the interest of thousands of ARMYs, consequently amassing a party room to witness the delicacy of a work of art.

I heard from officials that many people were waiting at the entrance to see the work modeled on Jimin from BTS. I was nervous and touched by people’s interest. First of all, I thought that I should repay me with a better job ” – Lee.K, korea.net

Indeed, Jimin’s beauty deserves to be preserved as a masterpiece of art. Additionally, Lee.K’s work deserves to be in the spotlight whether BTS frontman Jimin is a muse or not.

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