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IN THE LOOP: Jackson’s “MAGIC MAN”, TWICE Mina and NCT Jeno Dating Rumor, More Hottest This Week On K-Pop

In the second week of September, male soloists reigned on the music scene! In case you’ve missed out on new releases and news this week, we’ve got the hottest K-pop tracks you might want to check out!

Returns (from 9 to 13 September)

Jackson Wang – “The Magic Man”

On September 9, Jackson Wang (GOT7) met his fans with his full-length album “MAGIC MAN”, released simultaneously with “BLUEMV.

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This album is significant because it is Jackson’s first solo physical album and second full-length album. It contains the male idol’s desire to put it all under the slogan “RAW”.


On September 12, another member of the boy band turned into a solo artist gave autumn his special sensitivity.

In particular, VIXX Ravi has released their new album “LOVE & HOLIDAY” which includes 10 songs including the title track “KISS YOU“.

The song shows how courageously it is to work for a safe haven for our loved ones.

Kim Jaejoong – “NO ONE LIKE YOU”

JYJ Kim Jaejoong, also known as J-Jun as the soloist, returned to the K-pop scene in a colorful way with his third full-length album “BORN GENE”.

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On September 13, the K-pop icon released a studio album in about six years, gifting fans with gifts. The title track “NO LIKE YOUKim is a song with a cheerful beat and an exciting melody emphasizing the singer’s sweet vocals.

Hwang Minhyun – “Again”

On September 13, Hwang Minhyun presented his soloist skills after releasing a new song “Again“.

The song was released as part of the Votiz project, which captures the tender longing of a former propagator’s lover. It was also written by R&B singer and songwriter Colde.

What makes this song more special is that it is Hwang Minhyun’s first ballad rock song that proves its versatility.

Hottest news

ASTRO Cha Eun Woo praised by PD for personality

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Astro Cha Eun Woo

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On September 9, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo became a hot topic after an anecdote he shared with him by the entertainment police.

In an online magazine, Pyeon PD, one of the producers of Seoul Festa 2022 shared a warm and affectionate idol personality that is rare in the K-pop scene. She emphasized that he did not fail to give him his brightest smile and to work hard regardless of the weather problems and the busyness of the male star.

TWO TIMES Mina and NCT Dream Jeno are reportedly wearing ‘couples’ items: are they dating?

TWICE Mina and NCT Jeno reportedly seen in

(Photo: TWICE Twitter | NCT Twitter)

I’m Jeno

On September 11, TWICE Mina and NCT Dream Jeno became embroiled in a dating rumor. It started after Jeno accidentally followed a female idol on Instagram. Later he stopped watching her.

As more and more K-pop fans became curious about the true score between them, they found out that they were wearing the same clothes and considered them a “pair of things”.

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