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Influencer criticized for checking into The Savoy because her heating is broken

An influencer sparked backlash after revealing she was going to go and stay at The Savoy Hotel in London because her heating was “broken”.

Lydia Millen, a 34-year-old British influencer who posts “aspirational” content on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, posted a video on TikTok on Tuesday (November 22) outlining her situation.

“The heating is currently broken in my house so I’m going to London and I’m going to check into The Savoy and make the most of their wonderful hot water,” she said in the video, which has been viewed more than 980,000 times.

Millen then unveiled what she wore on her trip to London, starting with an Intimissi base layer (£39) and a Seraphina London dress (£365). She paired it with a pair of Calzedonia tights (£15.99), a Clementine and Mint velvet headband (£40) and Christian Louboutin ‘Kate’ shoes (£1,295).

To complete her look, Millen sprayed herself with Highgrove Bouquet perfume by Penhaligon (£155), donned a coat of her own collaboration with Karen Millen (no relatives, £389) and carried a gold-accented Hermes Madame Sellier Birkin handbag (around £25,827 ).

“And this is my outfit for the day, I’m going to warm up,” Millen concluded. “Let me know what you think in the comments.”

TikTok users were quick to comment on Savoy’s remark, as rooms as basic as a luxury hotel can cost around £700 a night.

One person commented, “Here I am, the heating is off BECAUSE I CAN’T TURN IT ON.”

Millen responded by saying, “My heart is breaking too, it’s really heartbreaking. I just hope you know that other people’s reality may be different and that’s not a bad thing x.”

Someone responded to Millen’s comment by saying, “It’s not bad, but it’s deaf. Heating is a very sensitive topic right now.”

Another added: “I’m going to someone’s parent’s funeral to scream how cool my living parent is, but it’s OK because *different realities*.”

Another person said: “LMAOOOOOO, sister said you’re out of my tax bracket, let me get warm at The Savoy. Stay safe this winter.

Another said, “I think the local Travel Lodge will definitely have hot water?”, to which Millen replied, “We’re at work here, it’s just a happy coincidence.”

Others asked if the video was a “joke” or “satire”, while another person said: “It’s giving ‘let them eat their cake.’

Independent contacted Millen representatives for comment.


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