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Internet users are shocked by how beautiful a luxurious BLACKPINK Rosé apartment is in the last post on Instagram

The life of a K-Pop idol is never easy, and most groups have had a long journey to at least a taste of success. One person who has experienced the ups and downs of this journey was: BLACK PINK‘s Rose.

Pink BLACKPINK | @ hope_pl / Instagram

Over the years, the group gained fame thanks to the hard work and love of fans, which allowed them to be hugely successful as idols. However, this apartment for Rosé has become a hot topic again recently due to the idol’s Instagram account.

Like the other members of BLACKPINK, Rosé has always loved sharing her daily life with BLINKS. Whether she is leaving on schedule or just spending time in Korea, the idol has never been ashamed to post great photos on her Instagram.

Idol at a recent party in Tokyo | @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

It seems that the latest update of Rosé made Internet users melt over the idol’s beautiful apartment. In the photos, the idol is with her dog Hank and the sight is really shocking as it seems to have one of Korea’s most beautiful views.

Rosé and her dog Hank in their apartment | @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

While it seems comfortable and cozy, even the furniture and layout of the idol’s house seem to scream luxury. However, the view is just too breathtaking and has even managed to compete with Rosé’s own visualizations, if at all possible.

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

However, this is not the first time that Rosé’s apartment has attracted attention.

In April, the actress and the beasts of the BLACKPINK idol Kim Go Eun shared some photos in the apartment, tagging Rosé. The photos show a beautiful panorama and even seemed to be playing with the dogs and the iconic pink guitar.

| @ ggonekim / Instagram

| @ ggonekim / Instagram

According to Internet users, many believe that the new idol’s apartment is located on the top of Yongsan Prugio.

While this has not been confirmed, many speculated that it was Rosé who bought it under her parents’ name. However, the cost is no joke. It looks like the penthouse in the building could cost nearly $ 6.8 million and the cost of living is around $ 900.

When the photos were published, Korean surfers couldn’t get enough of the beautiful apartment, praising the view as something that looks like a hotel or can only be seen from an airplane.

  • The Yongsan Prugio Summit penthouse has two floors, amazing views and an amazingly high price.
  • Her view is similar to how she looks from an airplane.
  • Fuck, I’d like to live there.

Another reason it’s so impressive is the contrast to the BLACKPINK apartment when they were apprentices. During the episode Sea of ​​HopeRosé explained that the feeling of living with other people in a dorm was nothing new to her, as she had been doing it for eight years.

However, it wasn’t always as pleasant and comfortable as many expected, especially when Rosé first came to Korea and before she even joined the rookie team that would eventually become BLACKPINK.

When I first came to Korea, I wasn’t even in the rookie band. There were cockroaches. At that time, it was not yet confirmed that we would debut. For this reason, we didn’t live in such a nice place.

– Rose

After all the hard work since her debut and even as an intern, it’s amazing that Rosé can enjoy the more luxurious aspects of being an idol. Most people could only dream of an apartment with such an amazing view, and they were helped by Rosé’s determination.

You can read more about the harsh realities of BLACKPINK’s former living conditions below.

Blackpink Rose reveals the harsh reality of dorm life ahead of her debut

Source: Nate Pann and @rose_are_rosie


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