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Internet users say that the revealed photo of V BTS was taken on Jennie BLACKPINK’s bed

Their labels haven’t responded yet.

Amid the rampant allegations that … BTS‘s V and BLACK PINK‘s Jennie meet, another V photo revealed that shocked fans.

On September 17, V’s photo went viral in several online communities. One of the posts collected 400 thousand. views since September 17.

“V, Jennie’s bed, cat, photo.” | Nate Pan

In the photo, V is lying on the bed and cuddling up to the cat. Although innocent at first glance, Internet users noticed that the patterns on the sheets and cushions looked familiar.

V | Nate Pan

Internet users claimed that the patterns matched the patterns BLACK PINK Jennie’s sheets. Previously, Jennie showed off with cards during one of her vlogs on YouTube.

Jennie | Nate Pan

Other internet users said the cat V hugged next to it and looked similar to Jennie’s mother’s cat.

Internet users continued to lament proper idol labels for not responding to allegations about dating.

  • “The severity of leaked photos is increasing. What do the labels do? It looks like they need to act fast … “
  • “If they continue to follow this path … Eh, I have so much to say, but I won’t.”
  • “Eh, I really don’t know anymore. Leaks keep happening, and now I’m no longer curious. I don’t want to know, and it doesn’t help even if I close my eyes and ears. I don’t know what to do anymore.
  • “Wow, this is crazy. What do labels do, anyway?
  • “I never thought there would be a day when I would see an idol’s bed… I really feel sorry for V fans. I hope they’ll finally get married. Can you imagine what would happen if they broke up?


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