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Is Soojin ex (G) I-DLE’s breaking silence a sign of her return to the entertainment industry?

A year after withdrawing from (G) I-DLE, Soojin voiced her position on allegations of school violence.

Ex (G) I-DLE a Soojin member finally broke the silence over a year after leaving the group. Through your legal representative, stop disclosed her position on the court’s decision not to pursue any allegations against the parties who accused her of bullying and the direction of her future response. After apparently leaving the entertainment industry by withdrawing from (G) I-DLE and ending her contract with Cube Entertainment, Soojin suddenly spoke up. This drew attention to her intentions.

Last year, Soojin dropped out of her business due to allegations of school violence during her junior high school, and eventually left both (G) I-DLE and Cube Entertainment. At first, Soojin and Cube completely denied the allegations, but as the controversy grew when actress Seo Shin Ae came forward to claim that she and other classmates were victims of Soojin’s bullying, Soojin came under heavy criticism and temporarily stopped her business.

In the early stages of the controversy, Cube insisted on protecting Soojin and even filed a complaint against her first accuser and malicious commentators. The truth was expected to come to light soon, but there was no proper investigation.

Soojin quietly pulled out of (G) I-DLE last August, three years after her debut, in the face of deteriorating public opinion. At the time, it was believed that she remained an artist under Cube’s rule, giving fans hope that she would return. However, in March, Cube officially announced it was terminating its exclusive contract with Soojin. It has practically disappeared from the entertainment industry since then.

Even after leaving the (G) I-DLE and Cube one by one, Soojin remained silent. It wasn’t until September 8, 2022, that she finally broke a long silence by her legal representative. Soojin repeated that “the allegations of school violence are untrue”And published an apology for its controversy.

Referring to the court’s recent decision not to make any charges against the first prosecutor, legal representative Soojin explained: “The police decided not to appeal because, from the informant’s point of view, it could have been true and there could be no intent to lie. We decided not to pursue the legal process as in this situation there is no evidence to prove the truth other than the personal statements of the opposing parties. “

In addition, the Soojin website also expressed the reason for the new statement. According to the idol, she was cautious about publishing such an announcement, but at least she could talk boldly with the fans who supported her as well as with those who were hurt and dissatisfied with her actions.

“Seo Soojin is well aware that there is an emotional wound on the side of the exhibitor, regardless of the truth of their claims. We sincerely apologize to everyone who was emotionally hurt by her words and actions in junior high, as well as to the fans who looked after Seo Soojin “she was given by her legal representative.

Much attention was paid to the position of Soojin, which revealed itself after about a year. As the idol immediately withdrew from her group amid the controversial problem of school violence, people were curious as to why Soojin spoke up only now, after a long silence. Some even speculated that she tried to get rid of the tag “school violence controversy” in order to resume activities in the entertainment industry, as in many other cases.

In fact, ex-AOA Jimin, who left her group after being accused of bullying ex-Mina, recently overcame her past and started over, so there is still a possibility that Soojin will follow a similar path.

So far, however, there is no sign of Soojin’s return. Time will tell if the female idol movement will precede the resumption of her entertainment promotions.

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