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Is the 2022 “Golden Age” of K-pop Girls’ Groups? Music officials, critics explain

Did girl K-pop groups dominate the music scene more than male bands in 2022? In the article, music officials and critics explained why this year is called the “golden age” of female nudes.

KMCA highlights the increase in sales of groups of girls in 2022.

On September 13, Choi Kwang Ho, secretary general of the Korea Music Contents Association (KMCA) said:

“The share of girls in music sales rose to 78% in the first half of this year. It’s clear that (girls’ groups) are in the spotlight this year as the poor album sales have risen compared to last year. ”

(Photo: Facebook: IVE / Facebook: BLACKPINK / Yonhap News)

Girls ‘groups not only prove their strength by selling albums, but bands like IVE, NewJeans, BLACKPINK, Girls’ Generation, aespa and others also reign on MelOn, one of the most popular music charts in Korea.

This is especially true for the fourth week of August and the first week of September, when all the top 10 songs are released by female idol songs for two consecutive weeks, with the exception of two songs.

NewJeans Minji gets your attention by looking like the Korean version of THIS western star

(Photo: Cookie News)
New Jeans

Is the 2022 “Golden Age” of K-pop Girls’ Groups? Music critics explain

Looking at their performances, female idols have gained a lot of public attention lately, so much so that 2022 is dubbed the “golden age” of girls’ k-pop groups.

Music critic Lee Kyu Tak and former idol trainer In Ji Woong agreed that idols could gain popularity because they strategically strove for popularity.

The critic said:

“After BTS, it was hard to find popular songs among male idols, but idols were well suited to most fans who wanted popular songs. They made a song with an overall easy-to-hear melody.

Various concepts of female idols such as “Narcissism” (IVE) and “High Teen Innocence” (NewJeans) are also popular factors.

The former coach stated:

“From the third to fourth generation, groups were labeled with the sympathy concept for girls, and fans sent negative feedback as the sale would not have taken place if the group of girls had not been publicized. Since then, groups of girls have emerged with a concept that does not overlap. ‘

Some of the most popular songs this year include “After LIKE” IVE, “Hype Boy” NewJeans, “Pink Venom” BLACKPINK, “FOREVER 1” SNSD, “TOMBOY” (G) I-DLE, “Feel My” Red Velvet. Rhythm ”,“ Illusion ”aespy and others that have different genres.

aespa, Japan TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION final decoration

(Photo: aespa on Twitter)

The music critic pointed out that apart from the songs of girlsbands with easy melodies, but also unique genres, the growing popularity of young female fans contributed to the popularity of girlsbands.

“Teenage women are enthusiastic about NewJeans and IVE, where teenage members are found, because they spend them as” Wannabe “outside of singers. This is also the reason why the girly band was able to gain sensational popularity. “

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