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“Is there a high definition video of V and Jennie at the party?” A debate that continues

Internet users are increasingly tired of V and Jennie’s alleged dating evidence.

On September 19, a music video claiming to be V BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK was released. The venue where the music video was shot was supposed to be a private listening party for the release of the new BLACKPINK album. Previously, V reportedly attended a party to support Jennie, and the two even danced together. Of course, the agencies of both the idols, HYBE and YG, did not comment.

In the published photos and video, the woman wrapped her arms around the man’s neck while the man gripped the woman’s waist with his hands as they danced together.

v Jennie Dating

It wasn’t taken from a close-up position and the photo quality was very poor, making it hard to be sure it was V and Jennie this time. Some people argue that the hairstyles and body shapes look similar to V and Jennie, but aren’t persuasive enough. Some foreign fans get attention by saying: “There is also a high definition recording with them”but of course it doesn’t seem to be solid evidence of repeated dating rumors.

Rumors of V and Jennie’s dating were fueled by numerous photos posted by leaked A. Starting with photos of V and Jennie in a car on Jeju Island, the elevator in V’s apartment, makeup waiting room, photos of their date on Jeju Island, all of which became evidence of their dating rumors. A posted these photos via telegram chat and said, “I have contacted both V and Jennie (in this regard) but got no reply.”

Jennie V
Jennie V
Jennie V
Jennie V

Since HYBE and YG are consistently silent, there is no response to rumors of V and Jennie dating, although most surfers have chosen to believe they are together.

At Jennie

Many internet users also say that this anecdotal evidence of dating only increases the fatigue of the constant silence of the parties involved.

Source: Daum


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