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It turns out WINNER Jinwoo spends 300 hours a month with a dermatologist to get flawless skin

Jinwoo the WINNER is known as a handsome man with white, flawless skin.

The consumption habits exposed on the entertainment show are again becoming a hot topic. Appropriately, Jinwoo he was not interested in luxury bags, so he carried paper and plastic bags, making fans regret. Members who saw it saved money and bought a luxury bag, but didn’t mention it because he said: “I do not like thisSo it became a topic of discussion.

He again showed the sparse habit of carrying a paper bag and mentioned the fullness-induced beauty by simply showing his face.

He was praised as: “He has an innocent face and his face is more of a luxury item than any expensive thing.Lee Seung-hoon, who was listening to this, laughed at the revelation, saying: “But he spends 300 hours a month in the dermatology department.”

Instead, he showed a tremendous material desire for skin care and made everyone laugh. He said he spent 110,000 winnings on one parcel a day and said, “Me do not save on management. ” He also mentioned that he is thinking of buying a machine that can be used at home because visiting a dermatologist costs money.

As if proof of this, Jinwoo surprised everyone by showing glowing skin in a photo taken at the party. It could also be the result of using 300 hours a month with a dermatologist.

Source: daum


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