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It was senior singer Lee Hyo-ri who stayed with AOA Jimin and helped her overcome difficult times

Former AOA member Jimin revealed her special relationship with Lee Hyo-ri on the “Second World” stage.

According to an OSEN article on September 15, singer Jimin, former member of the girly group AOA, will present a special scene on JTBC’s “Second World” with Lee Hyo-ri’s representative song “U-Go-Girl”.

There is a special reason and meaning behind Jimin’s choice of Lee Hyo-ri’s song “U-Go-Girl”. This is because Lee Hyo-ri was the first person to contact Jimin when she was having difficulties.

In July 2020, Jimin left her group and pulled out of the entertainment industry after being exposed to the AOA bullying controversy. However, public opinion was later reversed and Jimin made a post on Instagram suggesting her return on her birthday (Jan. 8).

Jimin, who reported her whereabouts via SNS, signed an exclusive deal with Alo Malo Entertainment on July 14 and confidently announced his new beginning. She also took the first step in the JTBC program “Second World”. “All-round artist” Jimin, who can do everything including singing, rapping and producing songs, has made a successful comeback to the music industry through “Second World” and receives favorable reviews at every stage.

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It was recently revealed that Lee Hyo-ri first contacted Jimin via SNS DM (direct message) when she was going through a tough time. Although Lee Hyo-ri had no relationship with Jimin before, it is known that she contacted Jimin as an older member of the girls’ group after hearing the sad story of her younger one. It was said that Jimin even traveled to Jeju Island and regained his courage after living with Lee Hyo-ri for a long time.

Given the support and strength of Lee Hyo-ri, Jimin has successfully returned to the entertainment industry and will perform “U-Go-Girl” to express her appreciation to Lee Hyo-ri. In this particular sense, it is expected to be a very touching scene.

JTBC’s Second World, starring Jimin, is a survival show where rappers from representative girl K-pop groups with rap and vocal skills join fierce singing competitions. Introduced by JTBC, a well-known producer of music programs, “Second World” is attracting attention as a new survival program that differs from the previous ones. Wonder Girls Yubin, ex-AOA Jimin, MAMAMOO Moonbyul, WJSN Exy, Oh My Girl Mimi, MOMOLAND JooE, Billlie Moon Sua and CLASS: y Kim Seon-you appear in “Second World” to break the existing prejudices against the group’s rappers girls.

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