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“It’s a bit unfair” … Honest Japanese Media Response To “Squid Game” Win For Emmy

On September 13, the Japanese public broadcaster NHK announced the achievements “Playing squids“On Emmy 2022 and said:”Korean entertainment is actively entering the world. Korean content has risen in status, including an Oscar for Parasite, BTS nominations for Grammy Awards. “

TV Asahi, a Japanese private broadcaster, also said: ““Squid Game” is the first non-English series to be awarded an Emmy. Even though these are Korean games unknown to English speakers, 142 million households around the world watched them in a month.

On the other hand, some Japanese media have had mixed reactions to the historic achievements of Squid Games.

A local Daily Gendai journalist said in a September 14 report: “Squid Game ”changed history. At first I thought it was a simple survival game, but I was drawn to a story where human, complex emotions intersect. But there are still complicated feelings. “

There have been opinions in Japan that the story of the protagonist of “The Squid Game,” in which he begins to play risking his life to pay off a large debt, is similar to “Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji”, a manga series that has been serialized in Japan since 1996 and reworked for animation.

Daily Gendai said: “(The Squid Games story) is similar to the Japanese” Kaiji “or” Liar Games “. Winning the “Squid Game” at the Emmy is a good thing, but for the Japanese it’s a bit unfair. It’s true that we can’t just be happy. “

Daily Gendai continued, “The Korean film and theater industry tries to foster talent without forcing on-site workers to work for low wages. If this continues, the gap between Korea and Japan will widen. Some pointed out that the time had come for a change in the Japanese entertainment industry. “

In fact, Japan was very popular thanks to the content of the deadly survival game, a genre where people risk their lives and money to survive. The most famous works are “Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji”, “Liar Game” and “Battle Royale”. Director Hwang Dong Hyuk of “The Squid Game” also confirmed that he was inspired by Japanese comics and animations when creating “The Squid Game”.

This is also the reason Squid Game was suspected of plagiarizing Japanese works when it was released. In this regard, culture critic and journalist Soichiro Matsutani said in a Yahoo Japan article last October: “The biggest attraction of works about deadly survival games in Japan is” lightness “, and” The Squid Game “has become a worldwide hit, strongly drawing its light material.”

Osamu Suzuki, a famous TV writer, also praised The Squid Game, saying: “When I first heard the setting, I thought, “This is Kaiji,” but after watching it, the more I felt, “It doesn’t matter.”

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