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ITZY is breaking the Internet with this photo that screams “Goals of the body”

Entering the world of concerts, ITZY is ready to put on its sneakers as they head to major cities around the world on their “CHECKMATE” tour.

Before flying to North America, WANNABE’s vocalists left MIDZYs in awe as they grabbed the South Korean legs of their concert with their stunning and impressive performances.

Known for their fascinating choreography, striking vocals and insane stage presence, it’s no surprise that the JYP Entertainment girly quintet is one of the main characters when it comes to breaking the internet.

Having recently completed their concert stop in Dallas, Texas, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryong and Yuna not only surprised fans with their thrilling performances, but gained public attention as this photo was circulating.

ITZY trends because of THIS photo

“WANNABE” singers are currently under discussion in town as, according to MIDZYs, the visualizations of the girls get prettier as the days go by! And the splendor of the girls is evident even when their faces are not visible to the eyes.

(Photo: Twitter || @ITZYofficial)

During the “CHECKMATE” tour in North America, several fans who attended the concert shot stunning clips and photos of ITZY’s shadows.

With the silhouettes alone, the girls have gained popularity on various social media platforms and have proven to belong to the fourth generation of IT girls.

In the photo attached above, fans went head-to-head as ITZY’s shadows shouted “body goale”. Moreover, some fans have commented that the silhouette of 2019’s best new artist screams power and confidence.

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In addition to a viral photo of the group’s silhouette, a short clip with dancer and rapper ITZY, Ryujin took the Internet by storm, and Internet users complimented Ryujin’s character.

Here are some comments from local and international fans about ITZY viral silhouette photos:

“Everyone at ITZA has nice bodies”

“Wow, what’s going on with the three in there?”

“The line from Ryujin’s waist to hips is pretty. Her core strength is good, so maybe that’s why? When he dances, he uses his hips well. “


“[They] look like a cartoon … “

JYP Entertainment, the home of talent and visualization

With the spread of these ITZY viral clips and photos that show their visually packed group despite hiding their faces, some internet users have come forward to highlight how JYP Entertainment’s artists have “bodily goals”.

According to fans, both TWICE and ITZY have commendable silhouettes that match their proportions. This is evidenced by the fact that TWICE and ITZY members are often mentioned by fans when asked which of the K-pop idols have “carnal goals”.


(Photo: Twitter || @ITZYofficial)


(Photo: Twitter || @JYPETWICE)

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On the other hand, male idols from JYP Entertainment characters are also appreciated. For example, Bang Chan of Stray Kids confidently flexed his body during the group “WOLFGANG” show in “Kingdom” in 2021.

Meanwhile, other members of the Stray Kids are gaining confidence in their bodies as well as manifesting in how some members like Lee Know give STAYs a glimpse of his routine in the gym.

ITZY Adds More Stops On “CHECKMATE” World Tour

As ITZY strives to achieve every MIDZA, more stops are added to their current world tour. The “CHECKMATE” tour will continue in 2023, focusing on Asian countries.

In addition, ITZY recently released its newest English release, Boys Like You.

Stream “Boys Like You” here:

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Certainly ITZY has endless possibilities to impress audiences – be it in terms of their talent or visualization.

Do you want to be like ITZY? Share your thoughts on this story below.

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