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IU invited three siblings from “Hyori’s Homestay” to her concert? A coincidence that turns into a 5-year friendship

Three siblings, who have appeared on the JTBC entertainment show “Hyori’s Homestay”, are getting attention when they show up at an IU concert.

On September 18, singer Jung Ye-won posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption: “Oh, IU is the best.” The published photo showed her older sister Jung Kyung-hwa and younger brother Jung Ha-min taking a trial photo with IU in the waiting room.

Jung Ye-won, who made her debut as a singer in 2019 after the first season of “Hyori’s Homestay”, which aired in 2017, maintains constant contact with IU, which shows IU’s continued support for her. Recently, IU has attracted attention by inviting all three siblings to her concert.


In particular, Ha-min, the youngest, has surprised viewers with how much he has grown over the past five years. Internet users commented: “Youngest Adult “,” They’re Still in Touch “and” IU really cares about the people around her. “

Meanwhile, IU held its one-man concert, The Golden Hour, at the main Olympic stadium of the Jamsil sports complex in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on September 17 and 18.

Source: Nate


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