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IU makes a generous donation on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of our debut

IU celebrated its debut anniversary by making a generous donation to good causes!

On September 18, IU’s EDAM Entertainment agency released on its official Instagram account that IU had donated a total of 200 million won (approximately $ 145,000) under the name IUAENA, which is a combination of IU and UAENA (its official fan club name). She gave 100 million won (approximately $ 73,000) to the Asan Foundation and 100 million won to the Seoul Metropolitan Child Welfare Association.

The IU donation will be used to pay for cancer treatment of women and children with financial problems and to help young people preparing for independence.

Through EDAM Entertainment, IU shared: “With my UAENA, who has been constantly showing great and small wonders for 15 years, this year I am sharing my warmth again with a heart full of gratitude. As we confirmed in one place yesterday, I hope our hearts will unite to bring someone another little miracle. All the time I spent with UAENA for 15 years was my golden hour. Thank you and I love you very much. “

Congratulations to IU on the 14th anniversary of its debut!

See IU in “My Mister” below:

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