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IU’s extensive preparations for the “Golden Hour” say a lot about her devotion and love for her fans

Fans are guaranteed a concert of a lifetime.

With just a few days in advance IU‘s The Golden Hour concert, IU released footage of her intense preparations for the performance. Even though everyone is very excited, the concert is not going well. IU and her team practiced for hours to guarantee a lifetime of performance.

Since her last concert in 2019, IU and her band have put energy and passion from three years into their upcoming concert.

| This moment [IU Official]/ Youtube

With 90 people on stage from IU and over a thousand working behind the scenes, it’s no wonder that smooth coordination and transition during a concert takes a ton of practice.

IU shared that it was the first time since her internship that she had exercised so much. As an apprentice, you feel a certain desperation and need to spend almost all of your time practicing to keep doing your best. Though the goal may be different, after fourteen years of IU, the motivation is still the same – she puts all her heart and soul into giving Uaenas a great concert.

IU even forced herself to practice, unable to hear the music, which may seem counterintuitive, but is a necessary measure. With both days of her concert sold out and 85,000 fans arriving, it’s easy to predict that screams might drown out the music. IU is determined to create the perfect show for her fans, so if that means practicing without music to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake, that’s what she will do.

Setlist for The Golden Hour it is loaded with jam and there is hardly any rest between songs. In the case of Uaenas, IU will do anything, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s difficult for IU and her entire team.

According to IU and most of her team, this will be the most difficult concert so far. However, her dancers themselves say that this is the easiest way. They tend to be the hardest at every show (except IU, of course), so now that everyone, be it the choir, band or stage staff, is suffering with them, they can’t help but be comforting. Now that everyone is in the same wheelchair, they can better understand and encourage each other to give their best.

Perhaps IU doesn’t have to work that hard to deliver a memorable performance, but it wouldn’t be IU if it didn’t go beyond that. She always puts her love into everything she does and gives her fans only the best and writes a story with a sincere heart.

IU will only continue to set records, not only in the concert field, but in all aspects of music. For now, everyone’s focus is on her historic performance at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, and the hard work we’ve seen from her shows just how amazing the concerts will be.

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