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“I’ve had a hell of a time,” IU confessed to a health issue she was hiding

Singer IU (Lee Ji-eun) admitted that her ears are not in good condition.

IU left the stage after singing “You & I” as the last song at her solo concert “The Golden Hour” at the Jamsil Stadium main Olympic stadium in Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of September 18th.

Fans waited for IU’s performance for an encore, singing “Love poem” without accompaniment. Then IU showed up with the accompaniment of “Love Poem” while fans did an event where they kept slogans that said “We will be with you every step of the way. Because we have been perfect friends for 14 years. “ on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of IU’s debut.

After the song, IU said: “You’re trying enough ways to make me cry.” How can you do it at such an important moment? How did you come up with the idea of ​​singing “Love poem” together? You even missed the perfect bridge on your own. I didn’t think I could hear you because it was so chaotic there, but I really listened to you in front of the stage. I am grateful,” she said to her fans.

“Honestly, today’s concert was a bit difficult. Usually the first concert is much more difficult. On the second day I usually learned the way relatively and relaxed a little more so it would have been a much more comfortable atmosphere, but actually I had a little problem with my ears which made me nervous about preparing for this concert. “ she confessed.

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IU said: “It’s nothing serious, but already a year ago I was in situations where I can’t control my ears well. So I thought, “I just have to do well” and “I just need my ears to be fine this day.” I know that even if I get some rest, I can make my body work it out. Fortunately, my throat was good, but my ears had deteriorated a bit since yesterday’s concert ended. “ she explained.

“I had a hell of a time from last night to today’s rehearsal. When I started the first song today, I was going on stage and thinking, ‘Ah! I don’t know what will happen “, but tonight’s show is successful thanks to all of you.” addition“I always say it, but I mean it every time. I am really grateful. “


Meanwhile, IU’s solo concert “The Golden Hour” was her first in about three years due to a pandemic since “Love, Poem” in 2019. Main Stadium.

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