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IVE Wonyoung asked about her diet during the live stream, here’s what she said

When asked by a young fan for dietary advice, IVE Jang Wonyoung responds with her knowledge.

Here’s what the idol said.

IVE Wonyoung gives advice to a young fan about diet

IVE Jang Wonyoung consulted a fan who asked her about a topic that often circulates in the K-pop industry.

(Image: Wonyoung (News1))

During the live broadcast, a fan asked her for diet advice, and Wonyoung strongly suggested to the young fan that dieting is not a necessity.

Wonyoung advised that when it comes to dieting, this process can only be done by adults as she believes dieting is harmful for young students like a fan.

She argued that eating healthily or nutrient intake is important, especially at their age when learning and learning is crucial.

In addition, Wonyoung stressed that students should not go on a diet as it can be bad and harmful for those who are still in the adolescent stage.

K-pop Idols Extreme Dieting – How to avoid it

Diet is a frequently discussed topic, especially in the K-Pop industry, where most K-Pop stars go to extreme dietary practices to achieve a certain weight loss goal.

At its core, the diet is all about limiting your intake of processed foods and increasing your intake of whole, processed foods while maintaining a good exercise routine.

According to Healthline, this particular diet can improve your overall health as it can help you lose weight, cleanse your skin, and lower your blood pressure. This also has its drawbacks, as dietary practice offers little clue to its mechanics and increases the chances of developing disordered eating behavior.

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When it comes to appearance, idols are most often subjected to practices designed to achieve a sure-fire path to perfection, and this includes extreme dietary procedures to adhere to certain industry standards.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, people are more exposed to social media than ever before. This phenomenon can generate proceeds at a much faster rate.

With K-Pop’s massive presence well known on social media platforms, fans tended to follow their idols’ activities from music videos, blogs, variety shows, live performances, concerts, and diet practices.

While there is an impact of trying extreme methods, there are fans like Youtubers Ellbat and Chloe Ting who recommend not trying it as it is dangerous to a person’s well-being.

There are also details to consider before trying the diet as it comes with risks and you should consult your doctor first for thorough healthy weight loss routines.

Jang Wonyoung

(Image credit: Instagram: @for_everyoung10)
Jang Wonyoung

Due to fans’ recent concerns about Wonyoung’s recent photos showing her weight loss, Wonyoung’s appearance has caught the attention of fans.

Even so, Wonyoung’s genuine concern for her fans is admirable, as shown in her caring expression. She said:

“Students shouldn’t go on a diet under any circumstances. You can’t. It’s dangerous for you. It’s because we only develop during our studies, probably until we’re 19? So eat a lot whenever you want, you’re that age.”

Her honesty is one of the things that makes her loved by fans.

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