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IVE Yujin attracts attention with her innocent visuals: “She’s really pretty”

IVE Yujin attracts attention with her innocent visuals: “She’s really pretty”

IVE’s leader, Ahn Yujin, falls in love with DIVE thanks to her innocent visuals. Fans were delighted with Yujin, from the photos published by the cosmetics company Clio.

Here’s what people say.

IVE Yujin draws attention with his innocent visual effects in photos

On January 20, DIVEs were full of admiration for Yujin’s photos for the cosmetics brand Clio.

In the photos, the leader poses, presenting various types of make-up pencils and concealers.

(Photo: Panchoa)

Fans expressed how flawless Yujin looked in the photos as she is also known for her innocent and unique visuals.

They also noted how pretty she looked with light makeup, and praised Clio’s neat photoshoot and gave Yujin “actress” vibes.

IVE Yujin

(Photo: Panchoa)

See their comments below:

“I really like the innocent vibe of this photo. All of her Clio photo shoots had different auras, but they all suit her well. Too bad the Clio can’t take IVE concept photos. I really like them.”

“They look like actress profile pictures. Very nice”.

“Clio knows how to make money. All their photos are legendary.”

“The final boss when it comes to being innocent, pure and refreshing.”

“Both Clio and L’Occitane have such nice concepts.”

“Oh, has Ahn Yujin always been so pretty? She’s really pretty with light makeup.”

“She’s really pretty in a unique way.”

See other photos of Ahn Yujin!

IVE Yujin

(Photo: Panchoa)

IVE Yujin

(Photo: Panchoa)

IVE Yujin

(Photo: Panchoa)

IVE Yujin

(Photo: Panchoa)

The leader Yujin reveals the main rule of IVE in the dorm that all members should follow

In other news, Yujin revealed the strict dorm rules on a variety show.

On April 6, IVE appeared as guests on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, where the girls promoted their single “LOVE DIVE”.


(Photo: Twitter: @IVEstarship)

The show saw members get the chance to perform their title track live on the show. “During the show, IVE members honored fan wishes by sharing their dorm rules.

READ MORE: Yujin reveals the main rule of the IVE dorm that all members must follow

Wonyoung mentioned how this rule is related to bath time. Yujin added that the bathroom in the master bedroom consists of a bathtub. She explained that if the members turned on the hot water in the bathtub, the other bathroom would get cold water.

“Weekly Idol” host Super Junior Eunhyuk asked which member often gets caught in cold water. Yujin replied that Wonyoung often gets cold water. Wonyoung added how susceptible she is to this and how surprising it is every time it happens.

“I seem to be particularly vulnerable to catching it. It surprises me a lot.”

Yujin came to the conclusion that members should only bathe when no one is in the shower.

“That’s why we’ve put in place the rule ‘Only bathe when you’re sure no one else is taking a shower.’ That’s our guiding principle.”

Were you mesmerized by Yujin’s artwork? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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