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Jamie Lee Curtis had one request for her male co-stars in A Fish Called Wanda

Before Jamie Lee Curtis could have fun making out with “a bunch of different men” while filming A fish called Wandashe had one small request to her associates.

Curtis hosted the 1988 crime comedy as the titular character Wanda, a con artist who takes part in a diamond heist with a group of mobsters. In an attempt to gather information on valuable jewels, she seduces lawyer Archie (John Cleese).

In other words, Wanda can “be a mistress to a bunch of different men,” the 64-year-old actor said in a new interview with Vulturepublished on Tuesday, November 22.

“It was fun,” Curtis said of the experience, adding that she bought all her co-workers “toothbrushes on opening day.”

“You know, because it’s disgusting! You’ll just be kissing all these weird people. So I asked them to go brush their teeth,” she explained.

In addition to Cleese, Curtis starred alongside Michael Palin, Tom Georgeson and Kevin Kline.

Elsewhere in the interview, looking back on his long-running career, The Freaky Friday the star described herself as an “accidental actress”.

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“Originally, I wasn’t going to be an actress. I was going to be a policeman. I thought I would become a police officer or a social worker. I thought I was going to be a really good cop,” she said.

However, after a chance run-in with a talent manager who suggested she try out for the role of Nancy Drew at Universal, “I ended up signing a seven-year contract with Universal Studios as an actress.”

Curtis later admitted that being the daughter of the late Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, two major Hollywood icons, “tiped the case in my favour.”

However, she shared that people questioning her achievements because of her “famous parents” is a “shitty thing”.

“Then you as a young man must try to defend it. It’s not fair, and yet we do it all the time. We all do it.”


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