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Jang Won Young and Jennie also wear “leg warmers”… A must-have item for hot girls

An unexpected collaboration scene with JY Park recently performed by IVE Jang Won Young in KBS2’s “Music Bank” became a hot topic.

The appearance of Jang Won Young, who showed a presence that rivaled JY Park with her cool dance line, was notable enough, but Jang Won Young’s outfit, which perfectly transformed to match the pure white outfit, was the highlight of the performance.

The most eye-catching thing about her styling is the popular “Leg Warmer” piece that made its way into this year’s F/W season. Jang Won Young put on leggings made of white warming material in the form of boots, effectively emphasizing not only the winter climate, but also her slender legs.

Undersuits, designed to cover the entire calf from the ankle, have been attracting attention in the home fashion world for some time under the name “knee socks“. Back in the day, gaiters played a unique role as an item that compensates for the shortcomings of people with calf complexes, but they have been forgotten in popular memory because in the rapid flow of fashion they have become rustic elements.

ive wonyyoung y2k

However, since the fashion for the so-called “Y2K” (year 2000) has become a trend again, leg warmers have also been revived.

Amid the popularity of leg warmers, celebrities are already capturing products with a variety of materials and designs.

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The way to create hip leggings is to combine the leggings with shoes that break the existing stereotypes, such as pumps, ballerinas and sneakers with a simple design. If you opt for the styling of mini dresses and shorts with warmers, you can create an even more glamorous look.

new jeans

The material and cut are also more varied. Like BLACKPINK Jennie and Danielle’s NewJeans, knit tights create a more feminine vibe by pairing them with flats. Wide leg warmers like the ones TWICE Nayeon likes to wear complete the Y2K lively and fashionable look.

Source: Hankook Ilbo


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