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Jang Wonyoung of IVE and Hyoyeon of the girls’ generation wore the same Prada blouse but gave out completely different vibes

A luxury top has never looked better!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung still pulls designer looks easily and effortlessly.

Jang Wonyoung from IVE models MIU MIU | @ for_everyoung10 / Twitter

Whether she dresses up the outfit or wears it more casually, the emerging rookie idol flawlessly wears luxury brand items with her stunning graphics and model proportions.

This made her the perfect ambassador for a luxury designer brand MIU MIUwho announced his partnership with the idol in December 2021 and it turned out that the pair was a match made in heaven.

| @ for_everyoung10 / Twitter

Jang Wonyoung also wore designer clothes and handbags in casual, casual looks, rocking more casual styles with an exclusive twist.

Recently, the IVE idol wore another high-end fashion brand as she rocked PradaA two-tone cardigan with an embroidered wool logo that costs around $ 963.

| @ for_everyoung10 / Instagram

She paired this look with casual light jeans and a chic beret, leaving her hair loose in long waves for the ultimate “girl next door” look.

| @ for_everyoung10 / Instagram

Jang Wonyoung, needing no additional height with her already tall stature, completed the look with lace-up knee-length boots.

| @ for_everyoung10 / Instagram

Jang Wonyoung wasn’t the only idol to wear a Prada sweater; Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon he was also depicted wearing a preppy outfit.

Hyoyeon generation of girls | @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

In her daily life, Hyoyeon stands out for its variety of styles, from sporty leisure wear …

| @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

… to hardcore punk fashion with spikes and mesh …

| @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

… for more casual wear like this frayed button-up top with braids and a pair of dark jeans. Hyoyeon is able to do any style with ease.

| @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, Hyoyeon shared a series of selfies and photos where she was also wearing a $ 963 Prada sweater.

| @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

In one set of photos, she wore a sweater with a dark washed denim, and in the other, she paired it with distressed black denim jeans with cutouts at the hips.

| @ kasia_x_x / Instagram

There appears to be a brushed leather Prada Cleo shoulder bag on her shoulder, which costs $ 3,750. Both outfits showed a sharper rock look with a preppy twist. Both Jang Wonyoung and Hyoyeon looked amazing in their Prada outfits!

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Same fit, different vibrations


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