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Japanese Internet users accuse Chaewon LE SSERAFIM of being anti-Japanese for using this Korean brand of makeup cosmetics

SSERAPHIM‘s Chaewon has recently been criticized by Japanese internet users for using a Korean make-up brand.

Chaewon | @ _chaechae_1 / Instagram

During the group’s last vlog, Chaewon removes makeup. Several brands Chaewon is using were revealed during the scene.

Some of the brands featured were Japanese and some were Korean. One Korean makeup brand in particular arouses the anger of Japanese Internet users.

Japanese internet users disagreed with Chaewon, using K-Beauty Round Lab’s “Dokdo” makeup series. The brand’s “Dokdo” line takes its name from the spring water used in make-up. The makeup line has won several awards from publications such as Entice warehouse i Young Oliwka and it’s also widely available at US stores such as Walmart and Amazon.

Make-up line “Dokdo” Round Lab | Walmart

Make-up line “Dokdo” Round Lab | Kupang

According to the media, Japanese internet users argued that Chaewon’s use of the brand was a sign of an anti-Japanese attitude and microaggression against SSERAPHIMJapanese members Sakura and Kazuha.

This is largely due to the fact that Japan has challenged Korea’s claims on Dokdo, a small island in the Korean Peninsula. The small island has become a permanent source of conflict between the two countries, and many Korean celebrities have shown their position in the conflict. The island has since become a popular tourist destination for Koreans.

Dokdo | BBC

Came to Dokdo. I always wanted to come back. To love your country is to love yourself.

– Lizzy

According to the news website, Japanese Internet users wrote comments such as: “Compared to Chaewon Garam is nicer,“”The fact that Chaewon uses Dokdo products while having Japanese members is unforgivable,” and “It’s incomprehensible that Chaewon uses Dokdo cleaner despite having Japanese members“.


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