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Japanese variety demonstration under fire after allegedly asking LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura and Kazuha the wrong question

The reported incident is gaining ground on a popular Korean forum.

SSERAPHIM debuted on May 2, 2022, but even before their debut, they became interested in having an ex FROM THEM members Chaewon and Sakuraand formerly popular Produce 48 player Yunjin in the composition of the group.

(from left to right) SERAFIM Kazuha, Eunchae, Sakura, Chaewon and Yunjin | @ le_serafim_jp / Twitter

Even before Produce 48 and IZ * ONE, Sakura has had a very successful career as a member of a Japanese idol group HKT48. Due to her popularity in Japan, she and another Japanese LE SSERAFIM member Kazuha were invited to conduct an interview via video chat on a Japanese variety program NTV‘s Zero Ichi May 20, just over two weeks after the debut.

After the May interview, Sakura and Kazuha were able to join the cast Zero Ichi in person until July this year. This look is now making a comeback after LE SSERAFIM members were reportedly asked the wrong question on the agenda.

Sakura (left) and Kazuha (right) of LE SSERAFIM are shooting for their previous performance in “Zero Ichi” in May | Kpopping

A popular Korean forum recently released a video from two months ago that reported the incident.

Apparently, one of the MCs on the show asked Sakura and Kazuha: “How much is an overnight stay in a luxury hotel?”While the answer itself was a bit strange, it wasn’t immediately disturbing as celebrities tend to stay in high-end hotels. Members seemed confused but replied that they did not know how much it would cost.

Sakura and Kazuha pose in front of the “Zero Ichi” logo in July | @ le_serafim_jp / Twitter

The MC’s response was what worried internet users as he said the MC replied: “You probably went there with your boyfriend. Why do you pretend you don’t know?

According to the report, MC allegedly mocked them and sexually harassed them for pretending not to know.

| @ IM_LESSERAFIM / Twitter

The question has come under fire as it is inappropriate given how controversial the topic of idol dating on K-Pop can be. Internet users also felt that members were treated more like J-Pop idols than K-Pop idols and said that even if it was meant to be a joke, it was in bad taste.

Internet user comment

Internet users also pointed out that Kazuha was only 18 at the time, which made the already inappropriate question even more uncomfortable.

With two Japanese members, the group will surely continue to actively promote in Japan. The growing interest in the forum discussing this issue, which currently has more than 125,000 views, will hopefully make a difference to their next overseas variety show.

Source: Nate Pann and YouTube

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