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Jennie of BLACKPINK shows off her flawless figure rocking the low-rise Y2K pants on her way to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Jennie always sets trends!

When it comes to K-Pop stars who always follow and even stay ahead of the best fashion trends, BLACK PINK‘s Jennie he is always someone who attracts attention with his amazing looks.

Jennie of BLACKPINK | @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

Whether she’s on stage, on schedule, or just relaxing, Jennie always shines with her outfits, combining the latest trends with her own style and personality.

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

Recently, BLACKPINK traveled to America and performed their latest song “Shut Down” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! As expected, all team members amazed with their talent and visualization.

BLACKPINK stars in “Jimmy Kimmel” | Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

| Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

However, not only Jennie’s performance and talent shone. Even before her appearance in the series, the idol caught the attention of fans with her style and proportions on the way to the studio.

On the way to the studio, all members were dressed in more casual and comfortable outfits. Jennie was no different and shocked fans with her Y2K style, with a cropped white vest and low-waisted pants.

Even in the movies, it feels like Jennie has really rocked the Y2K mod. By pairing it with a simple white vest, Jennie let her visuals and unreal proportions shine.

When the photos and videos were shared, Internet users could not get enough of Jennie’s appearance. Even though it seemed casual compared to the other outfits she wore, its simplicity sparkled and really won the hearts of internet users.

However, this is not the first time that the idol has delighted with its proportions, wearing the Y2K fashion. Low Rise has become more and more popular in K-Pop and Jennie has always shone with a unique fashion trend, blending it with modern trends.

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

Even in her recent Instagram photos of the music video “Shut Down”, Jennie showed off her slim waist and figure in a low-waisted outfit.

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

With the Y2K fashion back in fashion, Jennie is one of the idols who have always been ahead of the trends. Even as Jennie travels the world on different schedules, she stays up to date on what looks good and adds her own personality to any outfit.

You can read more about Jenna driving her inner Y2K below.

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