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Jeno from NCT opens the runway + Seulgi from Red Velvet and Eunseok from SM Rookies and Shohei light up New York Fashion Week

SM artists pay attention to New York Fashion Week (NYFW)!

On September 13 (local time), SM Entertainment partnered with New York fashion designer Peter Do to show his brand on the spring / summer 2023 “TIME” catwalk. Jeno made his New York catwalk debut and also became the first K-pop idol to open the show on the New York catwalk.

Moreover, SM Rookies Eunseok and Shohei also captivated the audience by walking down the catwalk as models, and Seulgi from Red Velvet was invited as a special guest to watch the show from the front row.

Seulgi took to Instagram to share her photos from the party, as well as video clips of label mates Jeno, Eunseok and Shohei walking down the runway. She wrote: “Jeno Eunseok Shohei jjang jjang“. (“Jjang“Means” the best “in Korean.)

See more photos of Jeno with famous celebrities during the Vogue “Vogue World” 130th Anniversary Celebration Here!

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