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Jeon Mido’s speech at the 2022 Popular Arts and Culture Awards: “My mom had surgery yesterday, I hope she recovers quickly”

Actress Jeon Mido mentioned her mother in her winning speech.

The 2022 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award, the most prestigious government award in the field of popular culture and arts, was held on November 24.

The award of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism was won by nine people and teams, including voice actress Kim Young Sun, musical actor Kim Sun Young, producer Han Seung Won, actress Jeon Mido, comedian Hong Hyun Hee, dancer and choreographer Aiki, singer Paul Kim, TXT boy group and aespa girl group.

After receiving the award, Jeon Mido gave a speech saying: “My mum had surgery yesterday and I think she will recover quickly knowing that I won the award. Thank you for unexpectedly allowing me to be your daughter-in-law. I am grateful.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and overseen by the Korea Creative Content Agency, contributed to the development of the popular culture industry and the spread of the Hallyu wave, raising the social status of popular culture and arts. It has been held every year since 2010.

2022 Jeon Mi-do Awards in Popular Culture and Arts

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selects the candidates for the award through a public competition and expert recommendations, and comprehensively evaluates various criteria, such as the duration of the nomination, domestic and international performance, contribution to related industries, and social contribution. A total of 28 winners are the Medal of Merit for Culture (5 people), the President’s Distinction (6 people / teams), the Prime Minister’s Distinction (8 people / teams) and the Distinction of the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism (9 people / teams).

source: Naver.


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