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Ji Chang Wook and Sooyoung of the girls’ generation must help debilitating Sung Dong Il in “If You Want On Me”

KBS 2TV “If You Wish Upon Me” has shared a new look at the upcoming episode!

“If You Wish Upon Me” is a drama inspired by an actual organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of incurable cancer patients. Ji Chang Wook stars as Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who has been pushed to the limit by a hard, struggling life. However, when he has to volunteer at a hospice, his life changes in unexpected ways while helping to fulfill patients’ wishes.

Sooyoung stars in the drama as Seo Yeon Joo, the tough and cheerful hospice nurse who is obsessed with exercise, while Sung Dong Il plays Kang Tae Shik, Team Genie’s volunteer boss.


Earlier in “If You Wish Upon Me” Team Genie decided to fulfill the last wish of former detective Song. However, as they were on their way to find Lee Gil Yong, Kang Tae Shik’s health suddenly deteriorated and he collapsed after losing consciousness.

In the upcoming drama episode, as Kang Tae Shik’s health declines, Yoon Gyeo Re must step in to take the reins as Team Genie’s Little Captain. Filled with a new sense of responsibility, Yoon Gyeo Re passionately devotes himself to his mission, going so far as to carry Song on his back as he cannot walk.

Meanwhile, Seo Yeon Joo lovingly escorts the waning Kang Tae Shik as they head to Lee’s house.

According to the producers of “If You Wish Upon Me,” Team Genie will face an unexpected crisis during its mission.

To find out what Song’s last wish is – and if Team Genie will be able to overcome the unforeseen crisis that will come – watch the next episode of “If You Wish Upon Me” on September 14 at 9:50 PM EDT!

Meanwhile, catch up with the previous drama episodes with English subtitles below:

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