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“Jin Forest” founded to protect the environment + a project led by ARMY

BTS Jin is one of the most down-to-earth people out there, and ARMYs know it well because of his environmental as well as social awareness.

The upcoming “Jin Forest” project will be established to protect the environment.

To save nature – the “Jin Forest” project is about to take place

Affiliation with UNICEF clearly shows where within the reach of society its position is. ARMYs also track every good deed an idol can do.

Due to their benevolent influence, The Environmental Federation in Seoul issued an official statement:

To celebrate Jin’s birthday, we planted 10 chestnut trees near the event square at Hangang Park in Yeouido with about 500 Jin fans.”

Seoul Environment Federation

Check out the tweets below:

“Jin Forest” will be dedicated to this member, with his upcoming birthday on December 4th.

Jin’s solo songs also appeared in the forest written on tree signs, giving them a QR code for visitors to enjoy listening to.

(Photo: Twitter) Jin Forest posters

It’s a great way to disseminate environmentally friendly environmental projects while interacting with each other. Korean ARMYs have been coordinating activities for some time to bring the project to its current state.

In addition to establishing the forest, the fandom has also donated to the Seoul Environmental Protection Federation to maximize aid.

This isn’t the first time ARMYs have done something good, but they’ve also committed to making changes to the environment.

Previous ARMY projects featuring BTS Jin’s authentic environmental impact

Their efforts have achieved through donations to disadvantaged people, animal protection and tree planting. One example was running a project in an Indonesian forest, which was dubbed the “Forest of the Epiphany”

Here is a previous project they did:

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Jin BTS’s healthiness will always be loved by ARMYs, where his genuine concern for the environment and his impact on bringing good to nature makes him more endearing.

Even if he is soon forced to enlist, his relationship with the ARMY will always be unbreakable, given his positive influence on the fans.

What future projects will ARMY and BTS create?

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