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Jin from BTS amusingly shows off basically every emotion in his over 3-hour livestream of games

When it comes to BTS‘s JinHe may be one of the handsomest, most talented and sweetest idols of all time, but he is also the closest. Ever since ARMY’s debut, they love to watch Jin’s true personality sparkle as the idol shows off his charm and charisma, but also his comedy side.

Jin BTS | @ jin / Instagram

Jin once again showed his charming personality, but also how iconic he really is. Idolka recently traveled to America to participate in private plans.

Well, if the ARMYs were waiting for an update from Jin, they didn’t have to wait long. On September 12, they celebrated the RM leader’s birthday, but since he was on the other side of the world, Jin decided to celebrate the event with a three-hour live broadcast of games.

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| weaver

Of course, the internet collapsed quickly and some ARMYs started crying about missing it, others were shocked by the stream’s longevity, and many were just fangirls over how funny Jin is.

Jin in particular has always been known to be an avid gamer and even became an intern at MapleStory. Well, during the live stream, many joked that Jin definitely resembles normal internet users when it comes to gaming.

During the live stream, many netizens found it hard to come to terms with the fact that Jin seemed to be mimicking the “5 Stages of Mourning” perfectly. The stages usually follow the order of denial, anger, bargain, depression, and acceptance, which usually occur when trying to process a change or a new reality.

It seems Jin showed all these phases perfectly, and one Twitter user showed it perfectly. The idol started by denying it when he refused to believe that the game might not go the way he wanted.

| @ tgkliner / Twitter

Of course, it was common knowledge that Jin was very frustrated with the entire stream, and that his tongue seemed so extreme that people might get the wrong idea!

However, his screams and anger are really tied to any player who has ever got stuck at a certain level or things are not going the right way.

| @ tgkliner / Twitter

Next is bargaining. When things weren’t going as planned for Jin, he resorted to persuading the heroes and the game, adding: “Stop it, yeah. Please Move. “

| @ tgkliner / Twitter

The next stage was really something everyone went through, and it’s “depression.”

While not a word that should be taken lightly, many have stated that Jin seemed to have gotten to the point in the game where things just didn’t go his way and he was ready to give up.

| @ tgkliner / Twitter

Eventually, Jin came to terms with his fate that maybe things were not going well, simply saying that he was having a good time. Though acceptance came late as Jin apparently couldn’t stop playing the game and was trying to find a way to succeed.

| @ tgkliner / Twitter

When the clip was shared on social media, it had nearly 250,000 views, and ARMY couldn’t come to terms with just watching Jin experience so much emotion in one live stream.

In a recent post, Weverse Jin explained that he might be hosting another broadcast of the games live. Undoubtedly, ARMYs would also like to see Jin being his goofy and charismatic self as it was truly one of the most iconic broadcasts ever.

Read more about the iconic live stream below.

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