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Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK remembered one moment of Lisa’s victory at the VMA that they didn’t expect – but it was a nice surprise

They noticed it late.

BLACK PINK‘s Lisa She recently made headlines for her solo win on 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. The Thai singer made fans proud when she was awarded “Best K-Pop” for her solo “LALISA”, which was nominated alongside SEVENTEENis “HOT”, BTS“Yet to come (The most beautiful moment)” ITZYis “LOKO”, Stray children“MANIAK” and TWICE“Feelings”.

Lisa from BLACKPINK on VMA

When Lisa’s name was spoken, her expression showed disbelief and joy. She stunned the audience as she walked towards the stage in a beautiful black outfit, with a radiant smile on her face.

But it is not everything. Her multilingual acceptance speech impressed everyone who listened. Overall, it was a night to remember for the talented K-Pop idol!

In a recent live event prior to the release of “Shut Down,” Lisa and her members revealed what their thoughts were when she was called that night. Jennie and Jisoo shared that there was one moment that set them apart.

They remembered how upset Lisa was when the expectation peaked, but when she won it was like a switch was flipped – Lisa appeared confident!

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They were especially interested in their outfit, which had a long train on its back, even though it looked like pants. They did it no expect it.

  • Jennie: It was so funny. Speaking of the last episode, Lisa was very nervous. But when we left, she turned her outfit like this.
  • Jisung: I didn’t know her outfit could do that. I was like, “What’s that long thing on the back?

Then Jennie joked that Lisa was only pretending to be nervous, but Lisa insisted that her nerves were very real! However, in addition to making fun of her, Jennie did not hesitate to praise her performance as well.

On the other hand, Jisoo looked at her adoringly and said that she is “so proud”When she won, to the point where she felt like a mom staring at her baby.

  • Jennie: She was amazing and she did a great job. I realized she was just acting nervous.
  • Lisa: But I was really nervous.
  • Jennie: You did so well.
  • Lisa: I was so nervous.
  • Jisung: I was so proud. I felt like a mom.
  • Lisa: When I saw the photos, your eyes were wet.

When Lisa indicated that Jisoo actually cried, Jisoo explained that there was a difference between receiving the award as a group and that Lisa was rewarded for her own achievements. She sweetly shared that watching Lisa on stage was something that moved her.

When we won the award as a group, it didn’t seem real. So when we got the award, I thought, ‘Did we win this award?“But when I saw Lisa receive the award, I really felt it in my heart.

– Jisoo

Hearing this, Jennie added, “Yes, she grew up so well“.

It’s easy to see how much they love and care for Lisa! Undoubtedly, she couldn’t have asked for more supporting members.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently released their highly anticipated title track “Shut Down”. Check out the hottest moments from the music video in the article below.

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