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Jisoo from BLACKPINK goes viral for his hilarious behavior in front of the media and fans at Incheon Airport

It was so iconic that Jisoo even sent this moment from the fan side!

Most people think that when it comes to being an idol, there are strict requirements to always look and act a certain way. For many, idols are the true epitome of role models, and at times it may seem like they are made to be a sure way to get it.

Most people expect perfection from their idols, and the one person who embodies this every day is BLACK PINK‘s Jisoo.

Jisoo from BLACKPINK | @sooyaa __ / Instagram

Whether performing on stage, at an event representing a global brand, or just hanging out, Jisoo always looks sophisticated, elegant and stylish. No wonder she is often compared to the royal family and is always praised for her visuals.

| @sooyaa __ / Instagram

| @sooyaa __ / Instagram

| @sooyaa __ / Instagram

However, the BLINKs will know that Jisoo can also have a lot of fun and shine with his charming and playful charisma.

It was recently at a brilliant show when BLACKPINK members flew over to Incheon Airport to Born pink album release. As soon as the members got out of the cars, they showed their funny behavior.

Via the airport, Jisoo was no exception as she played with fellow Lisa and greeted the media in the sweetest way.

Even when they were ready to check in, Jisoo continued to show how funny she was, fiddling with her key ring and making sure she was waving goodbye to everyone before walking into the terminal.

Unlike many idols at the airport, the media and fans have been able to see the adventures of BLACKPINK. As they climbed the escalator, the members seemed more relaxed, with Jisoo and Jennie walking hand in hand, waving at the photographers.

However, one moment caught the attention of Internet users almost immediately. As Jisoo and Jennie let go of each other, Jisoo accidentally jumped into the air in excitement. Seeing her having a good time, Jennie joined her, running to catch up with the oldest member of the group …

Just to get Jisoo to jump again before continuing her journey through the airport or maybe even doing some shopping.

When the clip was published, it was watched over 300,000 times in a matter of hours and even caught the attention of Korean media sites.

On social media, surfers couldn’t come to terms with how excited Jisoo was and that despite being one of the world’s greatest idols, she can still have fun and let her hair down. Many even loved that Jennie seemed willing to try, but gave up on seeing Jisoo’s tremendous energy.

One fan site called “Jennieedyou” managed to get the perfect shot of Jisoo’s jump and it was a really great sight.

| @ jennieedyou / Twitter

The photo was so impressive that Jisoo herself re-published the photo in her Instagram story with the caption: “See you later, Blink.

| @sooyaa __ / Instagram

While this may be too much to be followed constantly by the media and fans, BLACKPINK and Jisoo have proven how much they love support. Sometimes idols are criticized for their attitude towards the crowds, but Jisoo made the faces of Internet users around the world smile with its small and unexpected actions.

You can read more about the BLACKPINK antics at the airport below.

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